Xbox Scorpio:Possible hardware specifications

Gamasutra‘s visit to Microsoft helped unveil some hints about the hardware components that would make the Xbox Scorpio a beast of a console.
An exclusive peek at the Scorpio Development Kit revealed the possible internals.

The shown kit is just a render of the possible design of the originial XDK. It would contain 
  • OLED screen for useful development data such as render speed, scaling or FPS.
  • 24 GB of DDR5 memory, and a 1TB + 1TB storage architecture (solid state drive + traditional hard drive).
  • On board clock  and battery backup.
  •  3 USB ports on the front, with an extra network interface card (NIC).
All of this with a GPU of 44 CUs clocked to 1.17 GHz, thereby providing around 6.6 TFLOPS of raw processing power.

Image source: Gamasutra

These have led rise to the beliefs that the retail console would probably hold 12 GB DDR5 memory, and all original ports including HDMI in, but maybe excluding the extra ones that the Dev Kit holds, and a single 1TB storage provision.
All of this with 8 custom cores of CPU, clocked at 2.3 GHz.
This major step in console game development would surely force developers to think and develop their games with high-res scalings and textures, to meet the power of the Xbox Scorpio. The final console reveal would most probably be done at E3 2017.
Until then, stay tuned to MSLeaks for everything latest related to Microsoft!

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