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Top Bitcoin Ad Networks | Best Crypto Ad Networks Because social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn have prohibited any advertisements, banners, goods, and services supporting cryptocurrency. It is challenging for crypto ad networks to expand their reach and build their business. Consequently, it is advisable to investigate crypto advertising networks that cater … Read more

Best Amazon Fire Stick Apps

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Best crypto youtube channels top list of channel

Best Crypto Youtube Channels   It appears to have appeared out of nowhere when it comes to cryptocurrency, as if everyone had simply closed their eyes, and it had appeared. You may find it in abundance on the internet.    It has suddenly become a valid payment method in many online and offline establishments. There … Read more

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Best MakeStories Alternatives like Visual Stories, Storyly with Price & Features

MakeStories is a start to finish WYSIWYG proofreader for AMP Stories that assists non-coders with building AMP Stories without writing a single line of code. The reason why MakeStories exists is proportional to the format at speed more than ever.  MakeStories group does not anticipate that distributors should code or recruit devoted engineers for building … Read more

Plot Project Alternatives like Maropost, SmartEngage with price & features

PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions helps businesses gather location intelligence, which helps them understand their user behavior as a whole. It assists users in understanding methodologies to contact them with the help of area-based notices.  The Plot Dashboard empowers businesses to deal with their notifications, geofences, and insights.  PlotProjects Pricing is adaptable, and it is appropriate for all … Read more

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For multifamily property owners and supervisors who want to know more exact valuations, better returns, and higher property estimations, HappyCo is a real-time tasks management platform that empowers more intelligent choices in all cases. From due perseverance to make ready, work orders the executives to be available for potential emergencies planning, reviews to top to … Read more

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Have you at any point found yourself stuck in a serious financial issue where you had no zero cash to spend?  Indeed, it is an exceptionally normal situation to go through, particularly when a startling expense, for example, a hospital expense or a vehicle fix, emerges.  The vast majority of people going through such irksome … Read more


BEST CRYPTO EXCHANGE IN INDIA WITH LOW FEES A LIST OF THE MOST EXCELLENT CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGES THAT ARE AVAILABLE   Pionex: It is the company with the most current market capitalization. You can perform the purchasing and selling processes entirely manually. There are other time filters that can be customised. The transaction costs charged to … Read more


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MyOLSD is an insightful web-based web-based portal produced for both the students and teachers of the Olentangy Local School region. The login entry gives access to different components, including Schoology, PowerSchool, Google Drive, Brain Pop, Discovery, and Education. The grade school and Middle schools can get to the data accessible on the web-based portals. … Read more

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Partaking in the latest movies is a magnificent method for spending your “me time.” Unfortunately, streaming can become unthinkable when the Netflix m7361 1253 error on your screen continues to disturb you. We wish to make your “me time” seamless with the sorcery of films. With our troubleshooting guide for the Netflix error code m7361 … Read more

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netflix error code ui-800-3 At the point when Netflix crashes, you may see a message on your screen that reads, “Netflix has experienced a failure. Retrying in X seconds. Code: UI-800-3.”  Some basic things you can try to fix the Netflix code UI-800-3 mistake include shutting down your gadget, clearing the Netflix application cache data, … Read more

How to Fix netflix error code nw-2-5? Step by Step Process

netflix error code nw-2-5 The Netflix error code NW-2-5 demonstrates a network connectivity issue, and that implies that your gadget cannot reach the Netflix service and is a generally common and provoking Netflix issue to recognize and fix.  It implies that your gadget is not connected to the internet or something keeping the gadget from … Read more

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Top 10 Best Data Extraction Software Introduction- Before we start with the top 10 best data extraction software to use,  let’s know what is data extraction. Data extraction or data retrieving enables different companies and agencies to extract structured, unstructured, poorly structured data from various sources for processing and storage purposes. These data extraction tools … Read more

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Best Ethereum Cloud Mining Cloud mining is the method of cryptocurrency mining that makes use of a distant data center with pooled computing capacity in order to achieve high levels of efficiency. Cloud mining allows users to mine Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies without maintaining the hardware. A mining firm’s underground facility is used to store … Read more


BEST STAKING WALLETS TO STAKE AND EARN POS COINS Time is the ultimate luxury since it can never be replaced. People’s lives are full of rush and bustle in this fast-paced and intrusive environment. All of the people are in a hurry and caught in their repetitive routines and tasks. What if you were able … Read more

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Best IT Alternating Software So before starting to write about all 10 IT alternating software, let’s know about what is IT software or IT alerting software. It gives alert notifications for any type of IT system failures so this software acts as a WatchGuard and monitors the systems for any software problems like poor performance, … Read more

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Best Trinet alternatives like BambooHR, with price & features

TriNet offers a full-assistance solution that offers human resource products customized to the industry and vital human resource services for small to medium-sized organizations.  TriNet gives organizations admittance to premium advantages, HR mastery, hazard relief, and finance services with human resource professionals, consistency and finance specialists, and payroll specialists.  Coordinated self-service technology permits representatives and … Read more


HOW TO DELETE PHONEPE ACCOUNT PhonePe is a mobile payment platform that has achieved a significant amount of popularity in recent years as a result of India’s digitalization. Everyone, including the Prime Minister of India, is urging and advising people to switch to virtual currency and abandon the use of physical cash in their transactions. … Read more

An alternative tool to Mailgun

Alternative tool to Mailgun

What is Mailgun? Mailgun is a web servicing for integrating email inboxes just into apps. As other apps enable the developers to build up their voice notes and SMS converting into their apps, Mailgun enables them to tightly integrate the email into their apps. That is to give out specific actual email mailboxes for their … Read more

Alternatives to Voluum & Competitor Features, Pricing Pros & Cons

What is Voluum? Voluum is a cutting-edge, legitimate technology for monitoring online ad campaigns. It’s common across performance marketers as well as those looking for advertising opportunities to assess their efforts or marketing techniques. It has a great way of processing data and providing consumers with valuable knowledge. Due to its high cloud storage and … Read more

How to Turn on auto sync Android Step by Step Guide ?

Android Auto assists you with controlling specific applications from your cell phone using the touchscreen.  You can even talk with Google using the voice order button on your steering wheel.  Whenever you are connected, you will get to applications that can help you make calls, play music, reply to texts, and a lot more. Google … Read more

Life-size Dead Pool statues Top Rated Reviewed List to Buy

Deadpool is an astonishing character from the Marvel universe. He is interesting, insane and is forever prepared to kill anybody. Because of his chattering mouth, he is often called Merc with a mouth. The character was not much popular until Wolverine Origins, in which the makers butchered the person. However, because of the actual films featuring … Read more

How to change Nat type pc

In the 21st century, approaching a quick web association is essential. Individuals burn through many dollars overhauling their arrangements and hardware to guarantee that their web speed isn’t missing behind. Nonetheless, notwithstanding their earnest attempts, numerous clients are left scratching their heads as they attempt and sort out the purpose for their helpless net speed. … Read more

Diskgenius Review – Best Software to Organize Your Files, Free Up Space & Protects Data!

One of the most disastrous things that could happen to any person is if the valuable data in their system gets lost because of some malfunction, unintentional formats, viruses or so on.  Nonetheless, one must not stress if that is the situation because all thanks to ever evolving technology, there are softwares that can help … Read more

What is FileRepMalware and How To Remove it?

What is FileRepMalware and How To Remove it? FileRepMalware is the digital danger of various PUP-to-Trojan functionalities. This name is regularly alluded to as Win32:Evo-gen. Avast and Avg AV motors most normally report on the conceivable threat of a document or site. Much of the time, antivirus ends the danger and reports about the all-around … Read more

How to Reactivate Your Snapchat Account Step by Step Guide ??

Get your Snapchat account back going!  Snapchat is without an inquiry quite possibly the most well-known online media application among the millennial age. It’s a site where clients may share photographs with their companions by applying different impacts. However its fame has blurred over the long haul, with fewer clients than Instagram and Facebook, numerous … Read more

One Pacs Login – Login, Registration, Signup, Forgot Password

OnePacs provides high-end Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and RIS-Reporting solutions for Teleradiology Practices, Radiology Groups, Imaging Centres, Hospitals, Healthcare Networks, and Emergency Rooms. OnePacs Login OnePacs smoothes out clinical imaging of the board (counting radiology or teleradiology practices), coordinates picture transmission, and reports dissemination. OnePacs helps in providing solutions for people searching for … Read more

How to open PS4 Step By Step Guide and Various Method?

Because of the PlayStation 4, you have invested a great deal of energy playing your #1 computer game, messing around with your companions, and finishing numerous difficulties. Be that as it may, throughout the long term, electronic gadgets additionally need support. It can be the aftereffect of the development of residue or a defective part … Read more

How to Send Videos On Discord 

Disunity is an online voice and text visit application and is well known as well. Additionally, its highlights are past other informing applications, especially in the realm of gaming. How to Send Videos On Discord The general purpose of Discord is to unite networks of similar individuals to talk, share thoughts, and have a good … Read more

Ashampoo pdf pro review Plan Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Macrium reflect review The trustworthy termination backup answer for Home and Business, used worldwide to safeguard documents, information, and operational systems. Mistreatment advanced disk imaging technology your entire disk contents, as well as software package and information, is firmly saved in a simply retrievable computer file. The current version (7.2) is accessible in four editions: … Read more

Macrium reflect review Latest Version ( Free Edition )

Macrium reflect review The trustworthy termination backup answer for Home and Business, used worldwide to safeguard documents, information, and operational systems. Mistreatment advanced disk imaging technology your entire disk contents, as well as software package and information, is firmly saved in a simply retrievable computer file. The current version (7.2) is accessible in four editions: … Read more

Best Ontraport alternatives & Competitor CRM Marketing Software

Introduction to Ontraport Ontraport is all over powerful for every marketing aspect with automation of the platform, but other Ontraport alternatives include more extraordinary performance and much faster marketing automation capabilities. Running out as per their business and making up the impressive and even consistent for the weight loss results can be a struggle. This … Read more

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Introduction to Klaviyo Klaviyo is a marketing platform that helps you in your growth to deliver more personalized experiences. You can deliver them across a lot of marketing channels namely email services, SMS. These marketing channels also include in-app notifications and the web. The most interesting part is that there are so many brands that … Read more

GetResponse Alternatives & Competitor Email Marketing tools

Search the reasonable and most excellent options or alternatives to GetResponse for clients who like to use unique solution or require modern software features. MAS (Marketing Automation Software) is an extensively utilised technology. Several users are pursuing outstanding integrity, saving time software solutions with online mode tracking, webinar/event marketing, keyword analytics, and search engine optimisation. … Read more

Alternative Tools for Ahrefs & Competitor in SEO Research tools

Introduction SEO or search engine optimization as a word, has created a new buzz in the digital market, especially for website owners. They have been indulging in tactics to drive greater traffic to their sites, increase revenue, and generate keywords, to name a few. However, in the contemporary period, SEO tools and softwares have emerged … Read more

Typeform alternatives & Competitor for Online Market Research

Surveys and research help the customers know better what they think and leave them relatively for purchasing and using without any doubt. Thus, the information provided here for Typeform alternatives would allow the users to make better and efficient decisions. More often than this, online surveys are the tools that can be helpful for the … Read more

Alternatives to SiteGround Web hosting & Competitor

Site Ground is a wonderful web host that is renowned for providing excellent word-press special features and is known for astonishing performance. It is one of the highly recommended web hosts and is known for its superb customer support services. Due to its popularity and various features, this web host’s price is high compared to … Read more


ALTERNATIVES TO PODIA Podia let us know, what the platform is and how it differs from other online course platforms. And we willgoing go through the features that add on and Integrations. The ease of use the pricing. We will outline a few pros and cons of the platform. Podia is a little different than … Read more

Best Optinmonster alternatives & Competitor

What is OptinMonster? OptinMonster has been the perfect WordPress lead generation plugin for creating and integrating super-efficient email signup features on any platform. It integrates with the most common email marketing platforms, including Aweber, Mad Mimi, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and others. WPBeginner collaborated with Thomas Griffin Media to build OptinMonster, therefore users recognize … Read more

Alternatives to SurferSEO Free & Paid with Tried & Tested Tools

SurferSEO Alternatives 1. Ultimate Keyboard Hunter The Ultimate Keyboard Hunter is one of the best replacements for Surfer SEO. It is a very trusted SEO company and delivers the best results. The Ultimate Keyboard Hunter is entirely free software. It is also a cloud-based software system. This SEO software is equipped to function efficiently only … Read more

Opteo vs optmyzr: Which one is better?

Opteo vs optmyzr Introduction We all know the importance of driving traffic to the website, and earning revenues by working on effective search engine optimization strategies. However, what we are not informed about is the way these things come into play. One of the rising and undoubtedly the most popular services that is believed to … Read more

Smart Consumer Mobile App by GS1

     Smart Consumer Mobile App Report states 2.5 times increase in the total number of scans in March. The highest number of monthly scans belong to the food category In the current scenario when the world is hit by these challenging times, the concern related to consumption, food safety has become of prime importance … Read more

A new way to watch Netflix together – Netflix Party

With the coronavirus pandemic life is changing, individuals are stuck at home and feeling more confined than any time in recent memory. Obviously, there’s Netflix / Amazon Prime / HotStar / Voot and many other platforms which allows users to stream web series and movies online. Netflix is so different without friends and family, one … Read more

How to Leverage Live Streaming to Grow Your Business

As live streaming starts to gain momentum, standing out in a crowded marketplace without adopting it would be difficult. Live streaming has several key benefits that make it appealing and beneficial to new businesses. According to statistics, 7% of the audience will be more likely to buy a ticket for that particular event in the … Read more

How to Secure Your Online Activity with BitDefender’s Total Security & VPN?

Online security will always be a crucial topic and with a growing number of malware, data thefts, and ransomware, it’s crucial to keep your PC protected at all times. Antivirus companies are constantly improving their products and same goes for BitDefender. Recently they came up with the latest version of their Total Security software, BitDefender Total … Read more

Facebook’s ‘Secret Police’ Works to Track Leakers – Privacy at Stake?

The world’s largest social network – Facebook, which pledges the user privacy at the best, knows the minor details about the activity of its employee and even yours. Obviously, this tracking is done without the knowledge of the employee and with the help of Facebook’s ‘Secret Police’. So far, the company had fixed many problems … Read more

Google Utilizes GoPros to create more Realistic VR Content

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most competitive sectors today. Hence, many companies like Oculus and HTC are working to create advanced VR headsets everywhere. On that note, Google has now put forward a new method, using GoPros to create more Realistic VR Content. Rigs, such as the Google Jump VR and VR 180 … Read more

How to Clear Your Computer’s CMOS Memory to Reset BIOS Settings

CMOS Battery

Full form of CMOS is Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor. It is a small amount of memory located on the motherboard. It saves BIOS settings. Clearing the memory will change the BIOS settings to default. Uses: Experimental changes affecting the computer performance can be reset to default settings. Hardware compatibility problems are solved. You can reset system passwords … Read more

How To Know That Your WhatsApp Message Was Read by Receiver If Read Receipts Are Turned Off

WhatsApp Message

As we all know that WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging platforms out there. WhatsApp message has become an important part of our lives and we can’t even ignore it. The main attraction of the app is its simplicity. WhatsApp has a lot of features among that is the blue tick one. So … Read more

How Do Browser Cookies Work And Should You Be Really Worried About Them

browser cookies

Often when you are browsing through the websites you might have come across the word ‘Cookies’. These are called browser cookies and not the one which we eat. In the internet world, the meaning of the words is quite different from the real world. You might have observed this if you search anything on Amazon … Read more

Vivo X21 with Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner set to launch March 19

Vivo X21 with Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner set to launch March 19 2

Vivo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer seems to be quite busy so far. In January, the company launched the world’s first smartphone with an under-display fingerprint scanner, called Vivo X20 Plus UD. Last month at MWC 2018 event, the company introduced a concept phone with a very high screen-to-body ratio and a pop-up camera, Vivo APEX. And now, Vivo … Read more

How to find if your PC/Laptop is infected with Virus

virus malware

Getting infected with the virus is one of the bad situations that can happen. Computer slows down. Applications, folders, files will not respond or open slower than usual. Design changes or access denied message pops up while trying to access files. Most of Anti-virus programs come in two standard versions and are as follows. Free/Trial … Read more

How to get the right laptop based on your requirement

How to get the right laptop based on your requirement

Laptops are portable. People can carry laptops anywhere they go. Evolution happened from wired computers to easy carrying laptops. They are available in different configurations. Pricing of laptops is dependent on the configuration preferred. Selecting Laptops is not that hard. The primary thing to do is to note down few points that are as follows. … Read more

How to use Apple Music on Xbox One using “AirServer” with any Apple device

Currently Microsoft’s Xbox One has occupied an impressive collection of music services. It includes Spotify, Soundcloud and Pandora with their respective apps for the console. Irrespective of that, Apple Music is one of the most liked streaming service which is yet to come for gaming consoles. It doesn’t seems like this support will be available … Read more

How to Keep MP3 Songs in Various Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage

It’s always useful to have your music in a digital collection and at the same time be a music lover. But it won’t seem good to have everything on the same device. That’s where cloud storage comes into action. If you have few of Android devices, iOS devices, and Kindle Fire. It uses a version … Read more

How to Install Resurrection Remix on Moto X Play based on Android 8.1 Oreo

How to Install Resurrection Remix on Moto X Play based on Android 8.1 Oreo

Motorola launched the Moto X Play smartphone back in 2015, it came with pre-installed Android 5.1.1 Lollipop operating system. The last official firmware update released by the company for the phone is Android 7.1.1 Nougat operating system. We are pretty sure that the Moto X Play (codename lux) will not receive any new firmware updates later … Read more

How to root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Android Oreo without disabling OTA updates

How to root Xiaomi Mi A1 on Android Oreo without disabling OTA updates

Xiaomi Mi A1 was launched in last year and it was the first smartphone from a company that running on Android One. The Mi A1 runs on Stock Android version which has its advantages and the device will get fast and regular updates. Xiaomi MI A1 came out of the box with pre-installed Android 7.1.2 Nougat … Read more

How to Fix ‘PXE-E61: Media Test Failure’ Error in Windows

media test failure

PXE-E61 are the errors which are related to Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) is supported my some motherboards. This is also known as media test failure. PXE is a special boot mode that let’s the computer to search and look for any bootable operating system. It will not searching for the bootable operating system through local … Read more

Nokia 7+ and Nokia 1 images leaked, Teases Release Date

Nokia 7 Plus or Nokia 7+

The fourth Quater of last year, HMD Global maker of Nokia branded smartphones sold more the 4 million smartphones and we can expect that the company will release more smartphone and sell throughout this year. Last year in December, an unpacked Nokia Camera app unveiled a list of launched and some unlaunched devices of Nokia smartphones. In the unlaunched category … Read more

Samsung Stops Android 8.0 Oreo Update for Galaxy S8

Samsung Stops Android 8.0 Oreo Update for Galaxy S8

Last week, Samsung started rolling the much-awaited Android 8.0 Oreo update to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphone users. The OS Beta program members were the first who started receiving the update before it was rolled out to non-beta devices earlier this week. Now, Samsung has stopped the update rollout for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy … Read more

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro Specifications [Official Notice]

Redmi Note 5 Pro

Finally, the wait is over for all the Redmi Fan’s out there. Xiaomi will be announcing its Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro tomorrow (14/02/2018) in India. But the specifications for the phone were already leaked. It is also confirmed that Redmi Note 5 Pro is just a rebranded Redmi Note 5 with … Read more

Google plans to launch stories format in Google search

IT giant, Google is soon bringing a developer preview of something which is being called as “AMP Stories”. This two words only make sense to those who are obsessive about what’s happening with the way we consume content on our phones. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore this article, it is related to everyone who … Read more

How to get your iPhone back using ‘Find My iPhone’

Hello Reader, If your iPhone is lost or someone stole it, well don’t be scared. Apple has developed an application which will help you locate your iPhone. It also prevents theirs from getting your personal data. Firstly, you’ll need to Find my iPhone app which is a free service and also is a part of iCloud. … Read more

How does Google Knows About WiFi is Fast or Slow Before I connect ?


Well, Hello Reader, If you are a Google Android 8.1 Oreo then you might have noticed that Android WiFi Network Options shows “How good is the WI-FI network is” before you connect to it with some common terms like (Good, bad, ok, slow, very fast or fast). So, How Google knows about the quality of … Read more

How to Detect and Delete Bitcoin Mining Malware from your PC

Bitcoin Mining Malware

Hello Reader, Today here we’re going to learn How to Detect and Delete Bitcoin Mining Malware from your PC. So, this sort of malware is noticeable inside game and your PC programs, adwares like in your browsers. Bitcoin mining malware is made to infect your cryptocurrencies. This type of malware basically runs different processes in … Read more

How To Switch Off Instagram Last Active Feature

instagram last active status

If you’re a Instagram daily user then you might have seen Instagram Last active feature. While Facebook has added the feature to show last online for years, Now Instagram is exposing this social media addictions as well. Instagram rolled out this feature few days back in which people whom you had a chat with would … Read more

Yet another marvelous chip-set by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 670

Qualcomm Snapdragon 670

Qualcomm the leading brand for manufacturing chipsets for mobile devices has come up with it’s yet another chipset the Snapdragon 670 which will be the successor of last year’s Snapdragon 660. The 670 is mainly focused on the mid-range smartphone where as the Snapdragon 845 is designed for all the high-end premium smartphones. The new … Read more

And now, Apple Airpods are exploding!

Recently we have encountered a no. of incidents in which mobile phones were exploding. Now, it is turn of Apple’s Airpods. Apple is the latest victim of exploding accessories. A Florida based man experienced his Airpods explode. This incident took place when he was working out at gym. He noticed smoke coming from the Airpods. … Read more

These companies will be getting first 5G phones to the market

5G is going to be one of the biggest step in mobile networks. As the days are passing we are getting closer to see it in action. Qualcomm and Intel are already conducting the trials to bring the 5G network in India. 5G capable phones will be in reality, by 2019 It is expected that first … Read more

Everything you need to know about OnePlus 5T Oreo update

OnePlus 5T Oreo update

OnePlus one of the best flagship phone which is available in the market right now. From the past couple months OnePlus had made sure that it’s smartphone line up the OnePlus 5T -OnePlus 3 all will receive the Oreo update. At the moment Oreo is five months old and it’s rollout among the Android phones … Read more

Soon we can be able to do payments using WhatsApp in India

New payment method by Whatsapp, on its way Payments using mobiles are one of the most trending topics in the market. Apps like Skype and iMessage has already got their users to access the payment method using established payment systems like  PayPal and ApplePay. There has been murmuring going on since April regarding the WhatsApp getting … Read more

How to Create and Use a Password Reset Disk in Windows 10

One of our most self-irritating vices is to forget the important things at first place. Forgetting a password can be one of the more frustrating things to deal with, and if you’re unlucky enough to have forgotten the password to your Windows 10 PC account, you may be cursing to the heavens, so to speak. … Read more

How to Fix ‘MTP USB Device Driver Installation Failed’

If you’re connecting your mobile phone to your computer, and you see a message saying ‘MTP USB Device Driver Installation Failed’, then it is the best article you would need. But, no worries, it’s fixable. Here are 5 fixes for you to try.   What is MTP? MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol, which is … Read more

Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 File Explorer to get the most out of it.

The previously known Windows Explorer got a new name as File Explorer with the release of Windows 8. But, the recent version, associated with Windows 10 has got a lot more functionality than ever before. Explorer is the only place which comes to your mind when you want to find, manage and explore your files. … Read more

Now You Can Get Instagram or Snapchat on Windows PC

This generation spends a lot of time with PC and typing so much. It may be the workplace or school and one needs to monitor their most loved social sites in leisure. The mobile-based apps like Snapchat or Instagram, notwithstanding, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Maybe it’s not so difficult to … Read more

Nokia 7 Plus specs leaked, 18:9 display and Dual-Lens Zeiss Camera

Nokia 7 Plus

It looks like the HMD Global is planning to bring few surprises at MWC 2018 event at Barcelona starting from February 26th. Aside from the new Nokia flagship, the company could be introduced a powerful mid-range smartphone, Alleged Nokia 7 Plus upgraded variant of the Nokia 7 which was launched in last year. The new improved version … Read more

“2018 iPhones to use Intel Baseband chips exclusively instead of Qualcomm”: KGI

iPhone in 2018

Since iPhone 7 has released, Apple has shared their baseband chips between Qualcomm and Intel. According to reports from KGI, Apple is all set to rely on Intel as the exclusive supplier for them. As Apple is currently in legal battles with Qualcomm, they are ready with another baseband chips supplier. Intel’s technology not only … Read more

In the Upcoming 2018 hardware strategy, Microsoft will be focusing on its ever connected devices and Cortana.

In Thurrott’s recent report, it was clearly visible what kind of hardware the software giant will be focusing on. Microsoft will be expecting its OEMs to bring into there most important considerations in 2018. Modern Premium This will be a premium hardware from Microsoft. It will be similar to the Surface Book 2 and Dell … Read more

Microsoft might call their next Windows 10 release as ‘Spring Creators Update’

Spring Creators Update

Microsoft always announces the names of Windows 10 updates. They do this months before they are released. The Fall Creators Update was announced in May before being released in September. And, the Anniversary Update was announced in March 2016 before it was generally available that August. With the next version of Windows 10, codenamed Redstone … Read more

How to install TWRP and Root your Android phone, Step by step guide

When it comes to modding Android, root gets the glory, but a good custom recovery is the only thing you need. A custom recovery not only lets you help in backing up your entire device but also let you install flashable ZIP and customized ROMs. It even helps you in rooting your device. The reason for … Read more

Microsoft to put a permanent hault on the lightweight Windows 10 S as a seperate SKU, instead will be offering “S mode” in all Windows 10 versions

Windows 10 S

Just after the Microsoft announced Windows 10 S, it was very much clear that this SKU will be going to make the company go nuts, as it didn’t fit well in the lineup of Microsoft. Windows 10 S was designed to compete with Google’s Chrome operating system.Microsoft originally made the announcement that the Windows 10 … Read more

Microsoft’s take on it’s modern OS code-named Polaris


It has been noticed that Microsoft is building a new version of Windows 10, which is codenamed ‘Polaris’. It is for traditional PCs where they will strip out legacy components to build a more modern and refined OS. Alongside Andromeda OS, another Windows 10 project for mobile versions, Microsoft is building new Windows experiences for other … Read more

Someone installed Windows PE on Xiaomi Mi 4 mobile

MI 4

Recently there were reports on Windows 10 for ARM on Windows Phone and Lumia 1520. After these news, everyone thought it is the end. But, someone named “Roman Linev” on twitter posted about Windows PE installed on his Xiaomi Mi 4. In a twitter thread, he shared the details about installation. It looks like the … Read more

How to change Language in MS Office 2016 to our preferred Language


Microsoft Office is one of the best office software from a long time and might continue in near future. It offers a better text editor, sheets, presentation maker, etc., with a better working interface. It also supports different languages as well as various regional languages. There is always a question in one’s mind while buying … Read more

[Update 2] Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ get FCC Certification.

Samsung Galaxy

[Update 2] – Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ get FCC certification(15-1-2018): Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S9+ in the coming month at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. According to our sources, the phones are almost ready for the market. The big news coming out of this is the duo has passed … Read more

Someone just Installed Windows 10 on ARM on Lumia 1520 with WP Internals tool.

windows 10 on Lumia

Smartphone users love Android not just because of its great user experience, better design, more features but also because of its customizability. Custom ROM’s are one of those things which have made Android what it is today. But now, it looks like Windows Phone will make some place in the heart of smartphones user. As … Read more

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 670 will Feel Like Snapdragon 845 but Will Be Cheaper

[appbox operaaddons ] The highly rumored Snapdragon 670 is expected to be the new chipset from Qualcomm. It may arrive as the successor of the Snapdragon 660 chipset. This hyped chipset has been spotted with impressive scores on Geekbench. It seems that Qualcomm may gauge the performance of the upcoming Snapdragon 670 on a testing device … Read more

Your Mobile Phone, Laptop and Computer might be attacked, make sure you are safe.

Meltdown and Spectre

We always see that we often get security patch update for our devices. No matter what are we working on whether it is Windows, Linux, and macOS including phones laptop and phones have all received security patches that significantly alter how the operating systems handle virtual memory in order to protect against a hitherto undisclosed flaw. But still, … Read more

[Update 1] Nokia 6 (2018) coming this Friday

[Update 1] Nokia 6 (2018) specs revealed by TENAA ahead of launch Nokia 6 (2018) passed through TENAA recently and now they are back with more info on the handset. All the specs listed revealed that the chipset is new along with a redesigned body. HMD Global will launch Nokia 6 (2018) with Snapdragon 630 … Read more

Now Facebook might let you share your Instagram stories to WhatsApp


Recently Facebook allowed its users to share their Facebook Stories to Instagram, now it might let WhatsApp do the same thing. According to reports, Facebook is testing a feature which lets users share their posts from Instagram Stories to WhatsApp. Some sighting of this feature were found in Brazil. WhatsApp Status (Stories) were introduced on the … Read more

Huawei P20 renders show three models, one with a screen notch


Schematics are revealed for Huawei’s new P10’s successor. It won’t be called as P11 as you might have thought. But it might be named as P20. Huawei P20 and it will come in three versions (at least). And the top model of the three will sport a notch, similar to the iPhone X. You might not see any … Read more

Microsoft releases new Build 16299.192 for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users

Microsoft yesterday released KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192) for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) users. This update does not introduce any new feature but comes with the following bug fixes: Addresses issue where event logs stop receiving events when a maximum file size policy is applied to the channel. Addresses issue where printing an … Read more

Microsoft ends its Groove Music Streaming Service


Microsoft has officially ended its Groove Music Streaming Service across all platforms. Last year in the month of October, Microsoft announced that it is winding down support for its “Groove Music Pass”. The company also mentioned that all the features related to streaming and purchasing content via Groove Music App will be discontinued. Groove Music … Read more

OnePlus 5T got its December security patch with OxygenOS 4.7.6

OxygenOS 4.7.6

OnePlus 5T was launch this November. Since then OnePlus has released a number of incremental updates improving the camera performance of the handset, and this one appears to be no different. OnePlus now have started rolling out OxygenOS 4.7.6 over-the-air (OTA) for the OnePlus 5T. This update brings several camera enhancements including better selfie images in low light … Read more

Here are the specs of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 460,640, and 670

This month on the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Technology Summit. The firm unveiled its latest flagship chipset 845. But that’s the Flagship device. If you are thinking that what’s coming to the mid-range, the specs for those chips have leaked today, ahead of what seems likely to be a CES announcement. The three new chipset’s from Qualcomm are 460,640 … Read more

Haven app – Now turn your Android device phone into a surveillance system


Now you can turn your Android Phone into a Surveillance System. Yes,  Edward Snowden is among the backers of a new surveillance app that helps guard against computer hijackings. Haven is the name of the app. Haven is an open source app that will run on any Android phone, particularly inexpensive and older devices. This app operates … Read more

Jio just announced their Happy New Year 2018 prepaid Jio plans at just ₹199/- and ₹299/- only!

Jio's New Plans

With New Year just around the corner, Jio has just launched their brand new prepaid plans also called as the Happy New Year 2018 Plans. Jio has launched 2 new plans for all its prepaid customers that will offer higher data benefits for all the subscribers. The good news is that the Non – Jio Prime … Read more

Why you should just install Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17063 on your PCs!

Windows 10

Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17063: Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17063 on Tuesday. This build is a special release as said by the Windows Insiders team at Microsoft not only because it is the last build of the year 2017 but also because they claim it to be their biggest … Read more

Magic Leap One – New Augmented Reality Glasses in town!

After years of development in their technology and hardware standards, Magic Leap is finally back with a boom with their Magic Leap One. Bulkier than it’s other counterparts, these goggles will sport various cameras and sensors to adjust and track your head and body statistics respectively. Apart from the headset itself, the package will include … Read more

Everything You Need to Know! – Xiaomi Mi Max 3


Xiaomi introduced the Mi Max last year with a goal to offer better multimedia and gaming experience by giving the users a big bold screen to drool over! In 2017, the company launched it’s successor, the Mi Max 2 which was also a big hit. To add the cherry on the cake, they both came … Read more

Confirmed : The Classic Paint app will move to Microsoft Store!

We earlier reported that the Classic Win32 app of Paint will be soon killed by Microsoft and will be replaced with the all-new Paint 3D UWP or Universal Windows Platform app. Actually, this really happened with the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update but partially. The classic paint app was hidden by Microsoft by … Read more

World’s first real 5G wireless standard is officially here

After 4G’s success, now every carrier brand is looking forward for 5G network. The 3GPP wireless governance organization has finally released the first official 5G standard a.k.a 5G NR. Formalizing the 5G standard give carriers and hardware makers the pieces they need to begin moving ahead towards a 5G future. Today the 3GPP TSG RAN … Read more

Play Store Requires New Updated Apps: Target Recent API Levels

Google has just announced app security and performance changes for developers on Google Play. The main motto is: Play Store requires new updated apps to target the most recent Android API level, compulsory 64-bit app versions by 2019. The primary highlight is the addition of security metadata to each APK. Change #1: Targeting a Newer … Read more

Intel Introduces New Budget-friendly Processors

Intel has finally brought out the new Pentium Silver processors and budget-friendly Intel Celeron chips. The previous CPUs were based on the firm’s ‘Gemini Lake’ architecture (following up on existing ‘Apollo Lake’ offerings). To replace those, the tech-mogul has come up with these new budget-friendly processors (which are power efficient too) for desktop PCs and … Read more

Dazzling Specs of Nokia 9 Leaked

Nokia 9 has been spotted on Geekbench from the codename ‘Avatar’ for the listing. Nokia 9 is coming with the model number TA-1005, which is applied at FCC (Federal Communications Commission). The screenshots posted by HMD Global in the certification revealed that Nokia 9 is coming with codename ‘Avatar’ internally. Nokia 9 – Leaked Specs: … Read more

Samsung Launched Galaxy A8 and A8+ with Overwhelming Specs

Samsung officially launched two new members of their A-Series Smartphone on Tuesday: Galaxy A8(2018) & Galaxy A8+(2018). Both the phones are connecting link between flagship & midrange devices. Samsung launched these only in South Korea which is their home market. The main highlight of these phones is Dual Selfie Camera which is the first time … Read more

Following Microsoft, Apple Plans on Designing One-User-Experience

According to the recent news, Microsoft has introduced the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) with Windows 10. This will provide a common app platform for various devices that run Windows 10. The UWP offers a vast field for the developers. A guaranteed core API across devices that allows developers to create a single app package that … Read more

Amazon Shipped Three Times More Smart Speakers than Google

Amazon launched the smart speaker category with the widespread marketing of the Amazon Echo in 2015. Having a speaker and a virtual personal assistant, the device seemed simple enough, although most saw it as a hollow product. Two years later, the smart speaker turns out to be one of the fastest growing tech products around. … Read more

Chinese Company sued Apple for App Store Logo Copyright

Controversies and allegations never left their back when it is ‘Apple’ we are talking about. According to a recent news, Apple and Qualcomm – these two tech giants are accusing each other over several patent infringements. In the past, Apple was also involved in several patent-related cases. There was also a gigantic EUR 13 billion … Read more

Grammarly’s Virtual Keyboard is Now Available for iOS

If you do a lot of hectic amount of writing on your computer, chances are that you’ve used ‘Grammarly’ before. It is a tool that works with your web browser as an extension and word-processing app of choice to help find any grammatical or spelling errors your built-in ‘spell-checker’ might miss. On December 13, ‘Grammarly’ … Read more

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063 for PC announced!

Windows 10

Today, Windows 10 Insider Preview Build for PC is released. This build is for Insiders in Fast Ring and for those who opted in to Skip Ahead. What’s New Introducing Timeline We all know that how difficult it can be to get back on the stuff we were working on. If this is the same … Read more

Google Home Mini: A Cheap Gateway into Smart Home Utopia

As sun surely follows the moon, the appearance of the Google Home Mini was inevitable, ever since the search giant launched its first smart speaker this time last year. Now, at last, Google has a range of smart speakers to rival Amazon’s with a smaller, cheaper unit to go alongside the larger Google Home. A … Read more

Best Bezel-less Phones With Infinity Display Under Rs. 20,000 in India December 2017

Are you looking to buy a new midrange smartphone at the end of the year? You might have been introduced to the bezel-less 18:9 “Infinity” display which is the greatest trend of smartphones in 2017. In this article, we have covered all the recently launched bezel-less display phones under Rs. 20,000 as of December 2017. … Read more

A new Three-Tab interface, simple list layout & some Visual Changes on Spotify

We have been noticing from a long time that Spotify has been continuously renewing its Android UI. It is clear that we get at least a tip or two a month related to one minor change or another. That means the company’s server-side A/B changes are pretty well-known to us as a result of our … Read more

Non-Essential app blocking comes to G Suite for Corporate Phones


Industries with regulations like HIPAA are mostly concerned about the Corporate Data security. These industries steeply fines for negligently handling personal data. Allowing employees to keep such data on their mobile device is more risky. These issues can be: malwares, lost/stolen devices, etc. To avoid such conditions, Google has introduced an extra step to ensure … Read more

Huawei P11 to come with a 40MP Triple Leica Camera.

Huawei P11

In this world of smartphones, the camera is one of those features is somewhere decides whether the smartphone is better than other smartphones. Especially with the best smartphones costing about as much as a good DSLR which probably takes much better pictures. This is because people now are always in a mood to capture the … Read more

This could be the Surface (Phone?) :

Microsoft foldable device

Microsoft has again come up with a foldable device patent. Giving us a refreshed look at what Microsoft might bring up this coming year. Microsoft has being filed several patents this past year that involve foldable devices. Also today another patent has appeared online by Microsoft which is the best look till now on what … Read more

Microsoft Releases New Update for Android Version of OneNote Beta

Technology, which makes our life better, easier and smarter is always appreciated and welcomed with open arms. This time, it is Onenote Beta. The new update for Android version of OneNote Beta is a rocking one. It comes with some new changes and bug fixes.  This latest version brings Onenote app to v16.0.8827.2001 and has … Read more

Zuckerberg Comes Up with New Locked-down Messenger App for Children

In this time of ‘dark’ internet, children must be saved from the greasy side of the internet. Different abusive games or videos can affect even a kindergartener. So parents must look after their precious ones and pull them out of the shadow of light. (pun intended) Now, when it comes to Facebook, we all are … Read more

Microsoft to introduce – Excel deselect feature.

Excel deselect feature

Microsoft have again come up with a decent bug fix with its new Microsoft office build. Generally before this update in Microsoft Excel, user can select multiple cells by using Ctrl Key. Which is pretty normal with every different office out in market the problem was when you select multiple cell, you can’t unselect a cell … Read more

Google’s “Project Treble” and the list of all the Phones updated to support it!


The best thing about the Latest Android i.e., Android 8.0 Oreo is that it comes with “Project Treble”. ‘Project Treble’ is Google’s attempt to modularize Android. It separates all the low-level device drivers (vendor implementations) from the rest of the Android. This results in updating phones/tablets to the latest version for manufacturers as long as … Read more

Microsoft Azure CTO talks Mark Russinovich talks about the intersection between serverless and edge computing.

Microsoft has lately been working on enhancing it’s cloud computing services. 2018 new year just approaching in about a month, we can say that 2017 was a great year for Azure. They have been introducing new capabilities and improving the existing ones. At the Structure conference in San Francisco last week, Tom Krazit from GeekWire … Read more

This is Microsoft’s New Game Bar with Fluent Design on Windows 10!

About two days ago, Windows 10 Build 17046 was released for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring for PCs. This build has got some hidden code for the upcoming new game bar with Fluent Design. This game bar currently does not support Acrylic or anything else but the overhauled game bar is now larger in … Read more

WhatsApp might soon let you send voice notes without holding the button

In 2013, WhatsApp introduced a feature that let you send Voice Notes in conversations. It was really handy because the user didn’t have to type long messages inconveniently, they could just hold the mic button and start talking. This is one of the most used features of WhatsApp since then. But now, WhatsApp is making it even … Read more