So the most awaited update for Windows 10, the Creators Update is now available for general public rollout.
Well if you are wondering that the release date is Aprill 11th, you are totally right but the update will hit in waves . This means that you wont get the update straightaway but if may take some time to show up on your device depending on the device you are using or the region you reside in .

As a workaround for this, Microsoft has as always released a Media Creation Tool which can be downloaded from their website here so that you get the update now! Alternatively, if you need Windows 10 version 1703 now you can use the official ISO files to upgrade your copy of Windows installed on your machine or make a clean install if you want to start fresh.

This update of Windows 10 brings a number of features to main core components of Windows 10 like Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Start Menu, Settings, Xbox app, Gaming, etc. and also replaces the native Paint Win32 Application to a modern Paint 3D app . This means the new update is a full pack of fun features that we know no one can resist downloading!

Happy Downloading!

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