WhatsApp Plus – All the Risks that You Should Know about This Fake App

WhatsApp tries to roll out updates frequently and work on their app sincerely to give its users a smooth and satisfying experience. It is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world currently. So much so that Facebook even bought the ownership of this company to beat the competition. But surely WhatsApp does have its share of drawbacks. Here is where the fake apps and updates come in which promises you better features. Google Play Store is filled with such fake apps and one of them is WhatsApp plus.

It offers you some new brilliant features but it is recommended that you refrain yourself from using this app because this app has been developed by third-party developers and you risk exposing your personal data to the world.

What is Whatsapp plus?

It is a similar app which uses a gold logo instead of the traditional green logo. After you install and register on the app, it shows you a message that the app is out of date and asks you to download the latest version of the app. It then leads you to a page where information about the app and the developers are there but all of them are in the Arabic language.

Malwarebytes lab confirmed that it gains access to your personal information and it has been reported that this particular app is a variant of Android/PUP.Riskware.Wtaspin.GB that is classified as a Fake WhatsApp riskware.

This app supports a maximum of four numbers on a single device, though how it does that is not clear.

How does WhatsApp plus work?

As already mentioned, WhatsApp Plus is reported to be a variant of the Android/PUP.Riskware.Wtaspin.GB and the underlying code com.gb.atnfas can be found in various fake WhatsApp APKs. When the experts scanned through the page, they were led through different URLs which made it almost impossible to ascertain the actual developer of the app.

This app has some extra beneficial features like hiding your last appearance, hide read texts and also hide the current writing status. The app also lets you hide the details of all the status of your friends that you have watched through the settings menu.

You can also share 100 photos in one go and there is also a facility of a password for maintaining your privacy.

But however lucrative features it may provide, Malwarebytes lab suggested that you should stick with the original one because privacy is a very important issue in today’s world.

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