How To Know That Your WhatsApp Message Was Read by Receiver If Read Receipts Are Turned Off

As we all know that WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging platforms out there. WhatsApp message has become an important part of our lives and we can’t even ignore it. The main attraction of the app is its simplicity. WhatsApp has a lot of features among that is the blue tick one.WhatsApp Message

So basically the blue tick will let us know that whether our WhatsApp message is read or not by the receiver. Some people just hate this feature but some people absolutely love this feature. There are some set of people who like to maintain their privacy. And we all have a friend that has turned off this blue tick feature. To be honest that is the most irritating thing.

WhatsApp has introduced the Read Receipt feature in 2014. It simply informs the user that whether the WhatsApp message has been read or not by the recipient. Many people don’t what others to know about their availability. So they can turn off the blue tick or read receipt by going to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and turn off the read receipt.

So today we will share a technique to know if your friend had read your WhatsApp message or not.

WhatsApp Message

Now there are people who are very much concerned about their privacy, so they turned off the blue tick. Some people don’t even want others to see their last seen. Anyways, the Read Receipts will only work with WhatsApp message and multimedia content. It won’t work with voice clips. It was said in the blog post of WhatsApp that the voice clips won’t be affected by the Read Receipts.

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The trick is to send the person a voice message of any duration is also applicable. The blue tick will be visible as soon as the voice message is played. By this, you’ll get the confirmation that whether that person reads your WhatsApp message or not.

WhatsApp Message

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