WhatsApp Introduces Voice Recording Lock Button

Whatsapp is all set to launch some new features and they are rolling out these now in their beta version before launching them. Currently while recording the voice message, you need to keep pressing the voice recording button to keep on recording. This can be quite a cumbersome task. Also if we release the button accidentally an incomplete voice message is sent to the receiver. This problem is set to change as WhatsApp has launched voice recording lock button on its beta build 2.18.71.

With this feature, users will not need to keep pressing the voice recording button until they complete the voice message. After holding the button for 5 seconds, a lock symbol will appear and they will need to drag the button up to lock the voice recording button. Then they can record the entire message without any hassle and send the entire message in one shot.

Also, another feature that is introduced is that the users will be able to hear the recorded message before actually sending them. This is a very important and necessary update that many users have been waiting for. While singing a song or a reciting something and sending to someone, one would definitely want to hear themselves how it has been recorded and then send it. Earlier it was not possible. Users needed to use other third-party apps to record, listen to the recordings and then send it through WhatsApp.

The voice recording lock button was originally introduced for IOS and now the company is trying to introduce it in the Android beta builds. The users will be able to add to the voice notes of they want to after hearing it themselves before sending it to someone. With the new update, users will also be able to see the size of a sticker pack before downloading them.

Whatsapp is also introducing a feature that will help the users to migrate their data to a new number without much trouble. The new “Change Number” option is available currently in the 2.18.97 beta version of Android and it will soon roll out for IOS and Windows also. You can ask WhatsApp to selectively notify only the contacts that you select to notify them of your new number.

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