Something bad happened – Says Windows Store.

Windows Store

Few days ago Windows 10 insider got an update both for Phone and PC. With few changes that are coming out to be amazing there are some bugs too. From yesterday Windows 10 Insiders on Phone and PC have been complaining of an error which has made it impossible for them to use the Windows Store. … Read more

Microsoft is rebranding Windows Store to Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Microsoft is planning to rebrand the Windows Store on Windows 10 to Microsoft Store where the company will sell more than just Apps and Games. The change is rolling out today for those on the Release Preview ring. Microsoft has pushed out an update for the Store app which rebrands the app from Windows Store … Read more

Stream Ads to Windows 10 devices arrives!

Microsoft recently introduced Playable Ads  in which, an end user can interact with ads and apps. Now, the user wouldn’t need to leave the current app. According to Microsoft, The ad click will result in inline expandable app streaming: for three minutes, the user can interact with the app as if it’s already installed on his/her … Read more

WhatsApp Beta lets you see which of the contact you text Most

WhatsApp Beta for Windows 10 released a new version 2.17.86 in Windows Store for beta testers. This new update lets you see your frequent chats, individual chats including the no. of texts, media content, GIF’s, etc. For frequent users, this feature allows you to quickly select the contact whom you text most. The most practical … Read more

Prevent Installation of Bloatware in Windows 10

Microsoft is currently testing a feature with upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update which will help in preventing installation of Bloatware in Windows 10. This new feature will allow users to install apps only from Windows Store and prevent them from installing Win32 apps. This upcoming feature will be disabled by default, but users can enable … Read more

Windows 10 Cloud users might be able to upgrade to a different SKU

Microsoft recently released an early version of Windows 10 Cloud which leaked last week. Windows 10 Cloud is very similar to Windows RT as it allows users to run apps only from Windows Store. But, now the good news is if you are a Windows 10 Cloud user then you might be able to upgrade … Read more

Microsoft expands Promotions of Windows Store App

Microsoft made an announcement that they are expanding the “Promote Your App” ad campaigns for Windows App Developers to premium Microsoft Surfaces like, Skype, and as well as games like Microsoft Solitare. With this move by Microsoft, Developers will be able to Promote their Apps to a variety of Audience as the sites … Read more