How to find if your PC/Laptop is infected with Virus

virus malware

Getting infected with the virus is one of the bad situations that can happen. Computer slows down. Applications, folders, files will not respond or open slower than usual. Design changes or access denied message pops up while trying to access files. Most of Anti-virus programs come in two standard versions and are as follows. Free/Trial … Read more

LeakerLocker is a new malware which will encrypt and leak your files to your friends

Judy Malware

The last few months have been disastrous for Security Researchers as the world witnessed some of the biggest ransomware and malware attacks ranging from WannaCry and Petya on Windows to SambaCry on Linux and Judy on Android devices. Now if you’re assuming that all this is over then you’re mistaken. Security Researchers have now discovered a new … Read more

Steps to Prevent yourselves from Petya Ransomware


A few hours ago we posted about Petya Ransomware Attack. Recently, Microsoft issued a series of updates and patches for avoiding present and upcoming exploits. The company even released a patch for Windows XP. Now, if you are frequently installing updates or patches as soon as they are released then you might say that you … Read more

Feeling relieved after a series of Malware/Ransomware Attacks? Another is here to haunt You


It just might have been only a month when WannaCry Ransomware attack haunted the users world-wide. It not only attacked but also demanded for ransom to get the machines unlocked. Today, reportedly another attack is spreading rapidly and is already underway across Europe. The most affected area is Ukraine till now. As per the reports, … Read more

SambaCry Malware is turning Linux Machines into Crypto Currency Miners


In the last few weeks, a malware named WannaCry haunted the users worldwide. These users were reportedly running the outdated version Windows OS on their machines. This resulted in wide range of Memes and Roast by Linux Users on Windows Users. Now, a new Malware is here to haunt Linux Users which is currently exploiting … Read more