First appearance of Pixel 3 in AOSP before any Official mentioning


Recently there has been an official mention of another Google Pixel successor. Yes, you might be thinking that how is it so. It is true that there won’t be any Google smart phone announcement for next 5-6 months. However, may be accidently but there is an official mentioning of upcoming Google smart phone. XDA-Developers reoprted … Read more

In-band ringtones will be supported on Android O!

Android O update is almost ready and will start hitting Google Pixel or Nexus devices shortly . A new (and most awaited) feature for Android Operating System will be coming with Android O . The features is support for In Band Ringtones . This feature means that the Wireless Accessories connected with the Android Phone will be … Read more

Google Pixel Smartphone’s reaches 1 million units Sold.

Google Pixel

Google have always shown least interest in showing Off its Purchase analytics of its products specially in the  case of the Pixel smartphones that’s particularly irksome. But Companies have managed to some how calculate the estimate of number of Pixel unit sold till date. And this was possible by its PlayStore App  that is  ” … Read more