How to Stop Facebook Giving Your Data to Third Parties


Recently a small incident happened and people started to protest on Facebook. But the Cambridge Analytica Fiasco was not really a data breach as per Facebook. Every piece of information which was collect comes under the terms and conditions of Facebook. How can people protest if it was given in terms and conditions page? The … Read more

Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook Revenge Porn

Facebook is taking a lot of heat recently because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The issue escalated to a level where Mark Zuckerberg had to publicly apologize after #deletefacebook campaign went viral. It all started with Brian Acton, Co-Founder of WhatsApp sending out a tweet which said, it’s time to delete Facebook. This rapidly gained … Read more

Do you think your data on Facebook is really safe?


Well, think again. We all know that Facebook is free. Did u ever think about how it earns money? Money is earned by displaying advertisements to Facebook users. Advertisers can target their ads to the specific audience. They save our interests, preferences based on the activities of profiles. Advertisers can choose age, location, and interests … Read more

Facebook’s ‘Secret Police’ Works to Track Leakers – Privacy at Stake?

The world’s largest social network – Facebook, which pledges the user privacy at the best, knows the minor details about the activity of its employee and even yours. Obviously, this tracking is done without the knowledge of the employee and with the help of Facebook’s ‘Secret Police’. So far, the company had fixed many problems … Read more

Telefónica, a Spanish phone service introduces Aura. Soon will work with Cortana

The Spanish phone service Telefónica yesterday introduced “Aura” at MWC (Mobile World Congress). Aura is an Intelligence-Powered Digital Assisstant. Reportedly, they are planning to work with Cortana. It is even promised to enhance the way customers interact with Telefónica and manage their digital life with the company. At first, Aura will be released in Argentina, … Read more

Now Facebook might let you share your Instagram stories to WhatsApp


Recently Facebook allowed its users to share their Facebook Stories to Instagram, now it might let WhatsApp do the same thing. According to reports, Facebook is testing a feature which lets users share their posts from Instagram Stories to WhatsApp. Some sighting of this feature were found in Brazil. WhatsApp Status (Stories) were introduced on the … Read more

Zuckerberg Comes Up with New Locked-down Messenger App for Children

In this time of ‘dark’ internet, children must be saved from the greasy side of the internet. Different abusive games or videos can affect even a kindergartener. So parents must look after their precious ones and pull them out of the shadow of light. (pun intended) Now, when it comes to Facebook, we all are … Read more

Here’s how Facebook plans to fight revenge porn

Revenge Porn

Facebook has finally come up with a strange ,different solution to fight against nudes leaks for users over facebook. Facebook has a unorthodox solution to protect users from having their nudes leaked. And disseminated over the social network without their consent. The catch in the solution is , that  To fight your nude photos being leaked, you’ll first … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to turn off annoying notifications on Facebook


Facebook usually displays push notifications when your friend posts a photo or a new content from a Facebook page or game requests etc. Sometimes it’ll be pretty annoying if you’re constantly receiving these pushed notifications from the Facebook app about posts that don’t even relate to. And you might be getting notifications about a friend’s … Read more