Google maybe bringing iPhone X like gesture navigation with Android P

Android 9.0 P List of all New Features 2

Remember how we used to navigate through apps when Android first came to the market? Just compare your first Android device (commonly Android Gingerbread) and your current Android version. The way we navigate is continuously changing as well as becoming handier. From physical buttons to capacitive touch-sensitive keys. Now, we navigate through virtual on-screen keys. … Read more

First appearance of Pixel 3 in AOSP before any Official mentioning


Recently there has been an official mention of another Google Pixel successor. Yes, you might be thinking that how is it so. It is true that there won’t be any Google smart phone announcement for next 5-6 months. However, may be accidently but there is an official mentioning of upcoming Google smart phone. XDA-Developers reoprted … Read more

How Android P stops Apps from spying

android p

Privacy is everyone’s right. He/she can reveal or hide personal facts based on their interests. Getting into personals without permission is a crime. Smart phones are companions for everybody these days. Not all apps are faulty but you have to be careful. Hackers release malwares in the form of useful apps. App from play store … Read more