Microsoft announced the new Surface Book 2 which is the successor of Surface Book launched back in 2015. It was rather not a surprise as Intel recently accidentally leaked Surface Book in their video. The new device is a lot faster and better than the old one. Also, the company is bringing both 13″ and 15″ version of the device so you can choose the one that suits you.

We have decided to put up the new Surface book 2 against the Apple MacBook Pro 2017 edition to see which one is better in terms of hardware. Microsoft did quote the fact that Surface Book 2 twice the power than Apple MacBook Pro but let’s compare both of them to see which one is better. For the comparison, we have taken the base version of both Apple MacBook Pro and Surface Book 2. And as a bonus, we are also comparing the Surface Book 2 to¬†HP Spectre x360 and¬†Dell XPS 13. Before going forward, let’s give a glance to the specs sheet of Surface Book 2.

Surface Book 2 Specs

[table id=4 /]

Now since we have seen the specs of Surface Book 2, let’s head below to compare them with the other devices as well and see which one stands out.

Comparison between Surface Book 2, Apple MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre x360

Head below to check out the full specs comparison between the devices.

[table id=3 /]

As you can see from the comparison, all the devices are really good and have almost the same specs. The one thing that separates them is your preferences based work you need them for. While Surface Book 2 is a complete package for both work and gaming, Dell XPS 13 is best for those who want a light weight laptop for businesses. And the design of course. Apple on the other hand is good for people working with design and editing as MacOS has plenty of softwares which lets you design and edit on the go.

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Finally the choice is yours. Do let us know your preferences in the comments section below.