How to Stop Facebook Giving Your Data to Third Parties

Recently a small incident happened and people started to protest on Facebook. But the Cambridge Analytica Fiasco was not really a data breach as per Facebook. Every piece of information which was collect comes under the terms and conditions of Facebook. How can people protest if it was given in terms and conditions page?

The real problem happened is on Facebook’s Platform and API. When people logged in to that app, users unwillingly( probably through unwittingly) accepted to give up the information about themselves and also their Facebook friends.

Unless your planning to delete your Facebook account, you need to see or limit the information accessed by third-party apps.

How to Stop Facebook Giving Your Data to Third Parties


Login to Facebook, then click the arrow which is facing down that will be in the top right corner. Click on the “Settings” option.

Now go to the sidebar where you should switch to “Apps” Section. You’ll get two options. “Apps, website and plug-ins” and “Apps other’s use”.

Whether your Fb information can be used or not is set by “Apps, website, and plug-ins”.

Anytime you can turn it ON or OFF, to do that you need to click the “Edit” button. After this, you need to select “Disable Platform” option to turn it OFF.

The only problem is that most of the websites, platforms, services use verification. If it is turned OFF when you can’t verify your login for most of the apps like Spotify account etc. Just be sure whether you need to turn it OFF so that third-party apps wouldn’t access your data then only turn it OFF.

The better option is to set a limit to the data accessed by third-party apps. For doing so, go to “Edit” button which will be in “Apps Others Use” Section.

Now just be careful about which app you use, Third-party apps won’t end up with your data. If already they have your data, there’s nothing much to do but you can always be prepared for future issues.

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