Review: AOMEI Partition Assistant and AOMEI Backupper

The free version of the program allows the user to automatically create a backup from a folder or files without requiring the user to intervene in the process and remember to do it manually. You can just make the settings set up once and the program continues to make copies until you delete the specific process from the program menus.

Creating a new backup process is very simple as long as you follow the program menu: First, you choose the kind of backup you want to make between file backup, system backup, disk/partition backup, and synchronization between two folders. AOMEI Backupper creates a compressed backup file of his or her own compressed backup file, and if you do not have a compressed file/image sync, it simply copies the files. 

Full Windows Backup Image with AOMEI Backupper

We’ve installed Windows, all our programs, and we’ve set everything up for good. A full Windows backup image allows us to store all the Windows installation in a file. So, if necessary, we can restore Windows and all programs as they were in just a few minutes.

Even Windows itself has this capability, though it tends to throw unexplainable messages, such as that it does not have a class.

For this driver we chose AOMEI Backupper because it’s free, it’s very simple to use, has much more features than the built-in Windows feature, and none of the error messages.

You can download and install the latest version of AOMEI Backupper from their official website

We recommend Local Download from the company’s website rather than from CNET because CNET often duly downloads downloaded managers who are trying to install third-party applications.

If we have Windows 7, 8.1, or 10, we can alternatively download a separate Installer that has one-third of its size but does not support XP or Vista at all.

Something that impressed us with AOMEI Backuper, at least in version 2.8 we used, was that it did not try to install either a toolbar or an unwanted third program

How to Make Full Windows Backup

  1. AOMEI is designed with simplicity in mind.
  2. To create a full Windows backup image, just select “System Backup”.
  3. Then we give a name to Windows backup, choose where to save the image, and then go to the backup settings.

AOMEI Backupper  advantages

Aomei Backupper – a backup and data recovery software. The software can support a disk or its individual partitions and the operating system with the installed applications, all files and system settings. Aomei Backupper allows you to clone the disk, selectively restore the necessary data and create a floppy disk or flash drive. The software is able to unleash the selected image in the form of a virtual disk. Aomei Backupper supports backup of internal drives, external hard drives, flash drives and other data storage devices that are connected to the computer. Main features:

  • Back up the operating system and disks
  • Recovering the system, disks and selected files
  • disk cloning
  • Creating bootable drives
  • Encrypt and compress a backup

Partition Manager

Partition managers are compact software for managing partitions of the hard drive. The software allows you to: create, delete, format and move partitions, resize and hide them, create bootable entities, and test the surface of the disk etc. Aomei Partition Assistant has built-in tools that allow to increase the size of the partition, move the operating system to another hard drive and boot from it. The software also allows you to change the serial number and partition name or hard drives. Aomei Partition Assistant supports various storage devices such as USB flash drives, HDDs, SSDs and RAID-arrays. Main features:

  • Tools for working with hard disk partitions
  • Ability to change serial numbers and partition name or units
  • Support for various storage devices
  • Ability to create bootable carriers

AOMEI Partition Assistant SE is a free disk partitioning software with all the basic partitioning tools you would expect, along with some advanced features you will not find anywhere.

In addition to copying, expanding, resizing, deleting, and configuring partitions, a particularly interesting feature is the ability to create a bootable OS Windows PE that performs AOMEI Partition Assistant SE before booting Windows


  • Supports the most common sharing tasks
  • It uses step-by-step guides to quickly complete tasks
  • It is able to run before Windows starts
  • It can make many changes in order and then apply them at the same time
  • Includes other useful driving tools


  • Can not convert dynamic disks to basic disks
  • Can not convert between the primary and logical partition


It can be used in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Can A Bootable Disk Or A USB Device Be Made With AOMEI Partition Assistant SE And Then Used To Partition Management Should You Can not Start Your Operating System or If You Want To Avoid Restarting After Certain Changes

Everything you do on AOMEI Partition Assistant is in the queue and will not apply to the drives until you click Apply after which all the functions will be completed one after the other in the order you choose them can expand the system partition without having to restart the computer Resizing an apartment is very easy because you can import the partition values manually to set the size of the partition or drag a button to the left or right to make it smaller or larger.

All sections in a unit can be removed quickly with one click

The new partitions can have one of the following file systems: NTFS, FAT / FAT32, exFAT, EXT2 / EXT3, or left unformatted

An inverter can change the file system to and from NTFS and FAT32 without deleting the data

It includes a solid state drive (SSD) wipe to set up the SSD

Two parts can be joined together without losing data

Apartments can be hidden and separated into two

The MBR can be rebuilt from the beginning

An option allows AOMEI Partition Assistant SE to shut down the computer when all the editing is complete

The Recovery Wizard

Partition Recovery Wizard

can be used to add MPT to restore lost or deleted partitions A disk drive test can see if there are sectors that have been damaged on the disk You can convert disks between MBR and GPT

Supports change of drive letter as well as volume label

Partitions and hard drives can be cleaned to remove all data

Chkdsk can run with any partition to try to fix bugs

My Thoughts on AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition- I have used many free partitioning tools and I have to say that I really like AOMEI Partition Assistant SE. Not only is the interface well thought out and easy to use, but it also has all the basics, and advanced.

Download AOMEI free backup software now.

Features That Everybody Would Wait … All Free.

One feature worth mentioning again is the version of Windows PE of the AOMEI apartment assistant. With this, you can configure partitions with ease even if you have not installed operating system. The program is the same as running Windows, but it starts from a USB drive or device, such as a flash drive. You can create this Windows PE from the “Make Bootable Media” wizard, which allows you to write directly to a USB drive or USB device and export the program to an ISO file, which you can then use in one


  •  It’s Very easy to use and understand interface easy for all kind of users
  • Supports most common partitioning tasks easy to  download
  • Uses step-by-step wizards for quick task completion tutorials available all over for help guide
  • Is able to run before Windows starts and work smoothly
  • Able to queue up lots of changes and then apply them at once in personal experience its users friendly
  • Includes other useful drive tools and easy to use

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