Removal of Apps Corner from Windows Phone in Windows 10 Creators Update

Remember when Microsoft introduced Kids Corner feature for Windows Phone users and then replaced it with Apps Corner in the Anniversary Update last year saying:

 After taking a look at the overall usage of the Kids Corner feature in
Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1, we have decided to remove this
feature from Windows 10 Mobile beginning with the Windows 10 Anniversary
Update. The usage of Kids Corner was too low to justify continued
development and support of the feature. While not a replacement with the
same functionality, you can try out Apps Corner under Settings >
Accounts > Apps Corner which has some of the functionality as Kids
Corner such as the ability to give people access to selected apps on
your phone as well as a customized Start screen when they use your

Well, this time Microsoft is removing Apps Corner from Windows Phone in Upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. Just like Kids Corner, Apps Corner also allowed users to give their phones to children in a lockdown state. But due to decreased usage of Apps Corner, it is no longer available in Windows 10 Mobile Starting with Builds 15007 and above.

There is no replacement for Apps Corner, unlike Kids Corner.

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Source: MS Poweruser

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