How to protect yourself from Identify theft

Identity theft is a serious problem. Millions of people lose their hard earned money. Some even go to jail because of misuse of identity by hackers. Once identity is known, they can utilize it for anything from creating new accounts to sending people to other countries on the stolen identity.

According to stats, misuse of credit cards is performed by hackers. The information can reach them in many numbers of ways. Swiping card in hotels is by far one of the scenarios of card info and PIN retrieval. After that, the account gets hacked and either they withdraw money or orders items.

People may lose jobs, can’t get loans because of the bills and loss of money hackers get you through. Once criminals get hold of personal information of people, they can use it the infinite number of ways. Fake identity can be created by applying to credit cards, loans based on victim’s information.

identity theft protection

Malware install keylogger into computer and people will never know about them. Their task is to record keystrokes. Passwords of social accounts, bank accounts, OTP’s, everything gets recorded. Malware then sends the file to hackers who then misuse it.

One thing to do is regularly check for credit card transactions. If you ever come across strange transactions that were never done by you, reach out to the bank or cancel the card to avoid further loss. Make sure the antivirus is up to date. Never disclose your personal information on social media sites and blogs.

Swipe the card in hotels, shops etc but do not tell the password and instead type it yourself. Be sure OTP’s come to mobile phones for every single transaction. Ignore the spam messages and emails. They will come in templates somewhat like this.

  • Congrats, you have won 10 lakhs. Deposit 1000 and send your bank details to grab the prize money.
  • The bank is being updated. Kindly enter your details and then redirects to their webpage which is dangerous.
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Ignore this kind of messages. Criminals always come up with new ideas. We have to be careful and think before taking an action.

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