Plot Project Alternatives like Maropost, SmartEngage with price & features

PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions helps businesses gather location intelligence, which helps them understand their user behavior as a whole. It assists users in understanding methodologies to contact them with the help of area-based notices. 

The Plot Dashboard empowers businesses to deal with their notifications, geofences, and insights. 

PlotProjects Pricing is adaptable, and it is appropriate for all budgets.

Plot Plugin additionally permits professionals to alter their notifications, and furthermore, it is somewhat easy to execute.


PlotProjects Pricing

PlotProjects Pricing comes in three appealing versions. A short depiction of all the three PlotProjects pricing plans has been given beneath:


PlotProjects Pricing for Developer form – Free

It incorporates:

< 1.000 geofences

< 10.000 MTU*

One user

One application

PlotProjects Pricing for Growth version – Max €0.01/MTU* and Mac €0.01/geofence.

It incorporates:

< 10.000 geofences

< 100.000 MTU*

Limitless users

Two applications

PlotProjects Pricing for Enterprise version – Custom pricing.

It Includes:

> 10.000 geofences

> 100.000 MTU*

Limitless users

Limitless applications

PlotProjects Demo

PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions offers a 30-minute demo that stays specific to the necessities of the business. 

The brand likewise additionally offers a 14 day free trial for PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions that permits users to get to their dashboard and learn more about the solution.



Following are a portion of the many features that PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions offer:


Enabling/Disabling Plot

  • PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions permit users to choose when to enable or disable the plot plugin.
  • The users can do this through the config document when the plot plugin is set, or they can enable or hinder it automatically any they need.



  • iBeacon assists users with broadcasting its quality over BLE devices.
  • It assists companies with sending notifications when users are close to an iBeacon.
  • iBeacons also permits businesses to target users inside smaller reaches, such as inside a store or another form.


Data Campaigns


  • Data campaigns have been made for a particular reason: to accumulate experiences about the user’s area movement.
  • It additionally incorporates two sub-kinds of goals are Listening efforts and Attribution campaigns.


Geotrigger Handler


  • PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions offers a trigger controller makes empowers businesses to characterize their own custom triggers at whatever point the gadget enters a geofence or enters in the range of an iBeacon.
  • Companies can likewise filter triggers in view of their own rationale and influence the trigger overseer as a trigger for their own custom occasions in their application.


With that being said, let us now take a good look at the alternatives for PlotProject.


Best PlotProject Alternatives:




Intended for Media, Publishing, and Ecommerce businesses, Maropost is a prime marketing automation software that permits you to procure, draw in and convert prospective clients and clients across various marketing platforms (e.g., Emails, SMS).


Maropost guarantees the best deliverability rates in the market (98%) with a devoted team to deal with your email marketing needs.


Maropost is a cloud-based marketing automatization stage that helps B2C brands and retailers improve their cross-channel client engagement.


Maropost Pricing Overview:


Maropost Pricing begins at $79.00 as a starting rate each month. 


They do not have a free version.




Pushwoosh is a popular multi-channel marketing software that oversees client engagement through customized message popups, in-application messages, and messages.


Intended for businesses, everything being equal, Pushwoosh is a client engagement management tool that connects with clients through customized messages, mobile and web popup messages, and more.


Pushwoosh Pricing Overview:


Pushwoosh Pricing begins at $84.00 in view of use each month.


Pushwoosh offers a free trial.



SmartEngage is the world’s only Cross-Channel Autoresponder.

Basically, it gives the most brilliant method for getting your message before a larger number of clients and likely clients other than whatever else on the market. 


Most clients experience an increase of 80%+ with cross-channel opens.


Organizations, Brands, and Entrepreneurs hoping to assemble, draw in, and track clients from prompts changes using the main Cross-Channel platform, which fuses Email, Facebook Messenger, and Web Push.


SmartEngage Pricing Overview:


Not Provided




AlertMedia empowers you to be a part of secure, real-time, two-way interactions with your representatives over any channel, to any gadget, anyplace on the planet very quickly, not hours. 


Span your team to each occasion as it occurs with dependable correspondences, promptly imparting basic occasions to specific representatives or groups of individuals through message, voice, email, application message popups, social, phone calls, and custom channels. 


It is cutting-edge, dependable, and secure.


AlertMedia Pricing Overview:


Not Provided

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Rave Alert:


The main FedRAMP-approved mass notification system empowering advanced education institutions, partnerships and medical care associations, K-12 schools and management, state and legislatures to rapidly and dependably send messages in only three ticks through message, email, voice, desktop, web-based media, CAP, IoT gadgets and the sky’s the limit from there.


Rave Alert Pricing Overview:


Free of Cost.


Desk Alerts:


DeskAlerts Alerting Software is a unique system that considers the transmission of data to countless individuals viably and assurances to get the audience’s attention without bringing on any issues. 


This epic desk alert software allows you to rapidly speak with everybody in your work area about current or planned jobs, easing the heat off your IT division or helping the work area without depending on email.


You can immediately tell who has seen and read your messages and get the stats that you can use to exhibit your correspondence efforts.


Desk Alerts Pricing Overview: 


14 Dollars per Year (Basic Plan)




SnapComms is an Everbridge venture – The only start to end critical occasion the management and representative communication solution on the planet.


It was designed keeping in mind all work environments. 


Their software sidesteps email to inform and connect each representative.


Dynamic, visual tools receive 100 percent message readership over desktop, computerized display, and mobile, regardless of whether the staff is telecommuting or the work environment.


Adjustable features guarantee that your staff sees your messages at the ideal opportunity, without fail. Pricing begins with 100+ staff.


SnapComms Pricing Overview:


9 Dollars per Employee per Year




Personyze is a complete site customization platform that permits you to customize your site in essentially any manner that is actually possible, in view of more than 70 guest attributes, including conduct, reference, CRM information, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Join the force of AI-based recommendations with conventional focusing on more than 20 content devices to add to or change your site to make a more important experience for guests, demonstrated to drive higher transformation and engagement.


Personyze Pricing Overview:


225 Dollars Per Month


Voyent Alert!


A multi-use notification service was giving geo-focused, customized, and improved warnings.


Voyent Alert! goes past the serious contributions and enables you to incorporate customized data, guides, visuals, and connections so that you can give additional background information to your receivers significantly quicker. 


Tackle the force of 2-way communication to acquire real-time experiences and reports. 


Conveyed across application, email, message, and telephone, reach to everybody without any problem.


Voyent Alert! Pricing Overview:


Not Provided




Build good client relationships while boosting sales with Email Marketing. 


AWeber’s email marketing solution gives you admittance to limitless email layouts, a drag and drop builder, pre-supplied images, and every one of the tools you really want to develop your business. 


AWeber has north of 20 years of demonstrated achievement, helping more than 1,000,000 clients dependably connect with their audiences. 


In addition, get grant-winning day in and day out customer care, migration services, presentation page manufacturer, web popup messages, and then some!


AWeber Price Overview:


16.15 Dollars per Month




Fomo adds life to your site.


They have built this product since they know that companies are doing marketing all off-base: an excessive number of forceful popups, insufficient unique interaction. 


Fomo enables sites to display late client activities (buys, bulletin signups, whatever) with one line of code.


Exhibiting effective practices like these drastically builds social confirmation, transforming your site into the flourishing piece of online real estate that it is.


Fomo Pricing Overview:


19 Dollars per Month


One Call:


OnSolve’s One Call Now is a market-driving basic communication product that empowers groups and businesses of all sizes and types to rapidly, safely, and dependably circulate basic data to enormous quantities of people on basically any gadget and company.


OnSolve sends around two billion notifications every year and has given over 60 years of demonstrated support to both public society and private ones. 


They are occupied with aiding their clients proactively to keep people informed.


One Call Pricing Overview:


Not Provided


And with that, we have now come to an end to our article on Plot Projects Alternatives. We expect it to help you in picking the best one for you.

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