Pixel 2’s portrait mode now on your first gen Pixel and Nexus 5X / 6P

The journey of Google’s Pixel 2 is not jo impressing as we can see. As lots of hardware/software issues are being uncovered over the time. But this can’t take away the fact that the devices feature a pretty impressive camera.

One of the most popular camera features that Pixel 2 offers are portrait mode. the only phones which have this feature available are first-gen Pixel phones and Nexus 5X and 6P.


First gen Pixel and Nexus 5X
By Chromloop.com

All this is possible because of developer Charles Chow. Who has included the feature in version 7.3 of their Camera NX app. In a post on their website, the developer says the functionality has been tested on Nexus 5X, although it should work on Nexus 6P and OG Pixel phones as well.

Camera NX V7.3 is a Google camera mod, Which modifies your phone camera and enables exclusive features of Pixel 2 for Nexus 2015 and original Pixel phones. With this updated version of the app, you can get the Portrait mode working with Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel 2016 phones.

Update 01/02/2018 V7.3.1
Bug fix version
1. Fixed abort HDR+ process FC problem.
2. Fixed viewfinder flickering issue.
3. Add ZSL version for Android 7.1+, the previous one should be ZSL-enhanced version.
PS: Portrait mode needs a test on Android 7.1, maybe not work.
ZSL-enhanced version includes Motion photos, diet smart-burst, and all ZSL version features, require Android 8.0+,
ZSL version contains ZSL HDR+, hybrid burst, 240 FPS slow-motion, 60FPS video ready, and other OG Pixel features. it is for Nexus 2015 running Android 7.1+, if you don’t use motion photo, you can also use this one.
1. smart-burst always mark the first photo (ZSL-enhanced version).
2. Autofocus won’t work after manually focus, need lock then unlock the AF/AE lock.

To download the camera NX app, click here.

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