FBI Busts Phantom Secure CEO For Selling Secured Blackberry Phones to Drug Cartels

There are a lot of companies that provide secure and encrypted phones. For the more private figures Phantom Secure a Canadian based company is one of them. It provides secured Blackberry phones and even Samsung phones.

However, Recently the Phantom Secure CEO and founder Vincent Ramos has been arrested by FBI because of several charges. All of the chargers have something or the other thing related to the selling of completely locked down Blackberry phones. These phones were sold to an illegal criminal organization like Hells Angels and the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Basically, Phantom Secure takes the Blackberry phones the 9720s and removes its microphone, GPS, internet capabilities, normal message, and camera. Then the Router messenger and PGP are added to an overseas server. The company has also developed a feature which will wipe the phone in case of seizure by authorities.

Blackberry Phones - Phantom Secure CEO

The company also offers Samsung phones but the Blackberry phones are quite famous. And the Blackberry phones are only mentioned in this post.

A complaint was filled by FBI agent Nicholas Cheviron in the Southern District, California. The FBI has at least one witness against Phantom Secure. The witness is a custom of the Phantom secure phone and a drug trafficker by the Sinaloa cartel.

He used the Phantom Secure when he was organizing a transport for 5Kg of cocaine. As per the anonymous source the operation was carried out in a partnership between Australian and Canadian authorities.

Blackberry Phones - Phantom Secure CEO

The Phantom Secure phones are sold in Cuba, Venezuela, and Mexico and as well as Hells Angels. Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Canada we’re assisted by posing themselves as the drug trafficker when they purchased the Phantom Secure phones.

While purchasing they asked that ‘will Sending MDMA would be safe? And phantom replied that it will be safe’.

They even pretend that their associated was arrested with necessary evidence and his phone needs to be wiped. Multiple Undercover agents posed themselves as drug traffickers who were aiming at expanding their operation, finally met Ramos on Feb 2017 in Las Vegas.


Overall around 20,000 Phantom phones are being used around the world. Around half of that are in Australia, and give phantom millions of dollars in revenue

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