And now, Apple Airpods are exploding!

Recently we have encountered a no. of incidents in which mobile phones were exploding. Now, it is turn of Apple’s Airpods.

Apple is the latest victim of exploding accessories. A Florida based man experienced his Airpods explode. This incident took place when he was working out at gym.

He noticed smoke coming from the Airpods. He took them off, placed them down and ran to fetch some help. Till he came back, one of the Airpods was already blown.

Since, no one was there at that moment, it is difficult to say what actually happened.

It is not the first case of accessories exploding. Earlier Beats headphones exploded in flight burning a woman’s ears. Last year, Samsung was in the news when it recalled Note 7 after a battery issue that led to several devices bursting into flames.

Apple responded to the incident and is investigating to find if it happened due to a defect in a single unit or something went wrong with the Airpods.

The victim shared his experience with a local news channel, the video above shows how bad it went. Let’s just hope that Apple identifies the issue and recall the units if required.

Apple may land in a huge headache with this issue if they have to recall all the units sold till now.

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Source: WFLA

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