Seeing an iPhone running on Windows Mobile is a complete bewilderment, as anyone could say, who knows about Apple. However, we still have seen one now, in a newly leaked set of images. Doing rounds on the internet, these pictures show an alleged iPhone 6S Plus, with Windows 10 tiles on its display.

For a recap – The Windows Mobile is an able mobile OS, which enjoyed a strong reign in the past. But, Microsoft eventually discontinued the platform over a long while ago, losing the competition with iOS and Android. However, it still rolls out bug fixes and security patches, for the OS, occasionally.

The desirable strength, the OS held was its security features. It was arguably one of the most secured platforms back then, maintaining a clean record of no major cyber attacks. Hence, we still have a number Windows Mobile fanboys, all over the world. And this new leak of iPhone running on Windows Mobile is a good news for them.

In further, the Windows Mobile that the iPhone is wearing is apparently differing from its original versions. In the display, the Windows 10 tiles show up, under categories like Home, and Work. This feature wasn’t actually a part of the Microsoft’s platform, in the past. You can see this grouping clearly, in the pictures.

Moreover, there is no visible proof that the device covered in these pictures is genuinely an iPhone 6S Plus. Although, we should also mention that the home button of the phone is quite convincing.

With all these said, we also have some other factor to look on. We all know the Apple’s affinity for the closed ecosystem it aims for. Yes, the Cupertino giant wouldn’t really adopt its rival’s product into its own handset. Therefore, the leaked images have brought us a hefty incertitude, considering these facts.

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Anyway, let’s take this new leak with a grain of salt until we hear anything officially. Stay tuned with us, for we’ll fetch you the latest updates on this.