“Multistep and Interactive notifications” coming with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update!

Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to the consumers running Windows 10 on their PC, Phone and other devices in September and Microsoft already showed off a lot of stuff at Build 2017 but there are still many things that were not shown on the stage or at any sessions but are coming with the major update like supports for “Multistep and Interactive notifications”.

Credits : MSPU

As per Microsoft mentioned ;

Allow interactive toast notifications that have multiple steps of interactivity. For example, the initial toast has a dropdown with a Next button, and then clicking Next triggers a background task while leaving the toast in a pending state until your app updates the toast with the next step.

This support will be available for developers to integrate in their applications with the release of the SDK of the update and will be seen being tested by Windows Insiders very soon coming with system apps.

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