Microsoft’s Privacy Commitment with Windows 10 still Continuing

As we told in our earlier posts about Windows 10’s new Privacy Dashboard and Upcoming Privacy settings Changes, here is what Microsoft wants to tell their users about the commitment they made with Windows 10:

At Microsoft, we are deeply committed to protecting our customers’ privacy.
This includes providing clear choices and easy-to-use tools that put
you in control of how your information is collected and used. Trust is a
core pillar of our More Personal Computing vision, and we are working
hard to make sure Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever and a
product you love and trust.

 According to Microsoft, the new changes introduced by them are built specially for the users who like to keep their privacy with themselves.

Microsoft also said:

First, today we’re launching a new web-based privacy dashboard
so you can see and control your activity data from Microsoft including
location, search, browsing, and Cortana Notebook data across multiple
Microsoft services. Second, we’re introducing in Windows 10 a new
privacy set up experience, simplifying Diagnostic data levels and
further reducing the data collected at the Basic level. These Windows 10
changes are being introduced in a Windows Insider build soon for
feedback first and will be rolled out to everyone when the Windows 10 Creators Update becomes available.

 Adding to it, Microsoft is working with a purpose of keeping your Privacy to yourselves. Microsoft wants to bring you a simpler, richer and better work experience not only with Windows but also with their other products too.

With the changing technology and devices, Microsoft tends to help their customers by helping them with the feedbacks provided.

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Source: Windows Blog

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