Leak : More about the Google Pixel XL 2!

Google is gearing up internally to release the next iteration of the Pixel Phones! Today, some rumors about the upcoming phone following the photo leak a few days ago surfaced on the Internet . The rumor talks about :

Always on Display :

This has been in the Smartphone world for a while . This features keeps the screen on always displaying important notifications and date and time information on the screen using negligible battery life . This feature is made possible with OLED Displays .

Squeeze Frame Functionality :

A source familiar to implementation of this feature revealed that Squeeze Frame Functionality will be coming to Pixel XL 2 regardless of whether the phone’s screen is on or off . This feature was first seen recently in HTC U11 but this feature was not implemented when the phone’s screen was locked . It is great seeing Google enhancing and bringing the functionality to its devices .

New Display Settings :

Support for sRGB colors are now available on the device . As of now, it is hidden inside the developer options of the device but is expected to be seen in the main display settings option of the phone.

New Setup Page :

As a part of setting up the phone, users will be redirected to a new page (_) . However, this page is not yet active but soon will be .

What do we know about the phone?

  • Manufactured by LG.
  • 6 Inch 2880px x 1440px OLED Display with 18:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • Two tone glass.
  • Metal Rear Design


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