Latest: Project Neon, a step towards new Windows 10’s Design

Project Neon is the upcoming UI upgrade in Windows 10.

Though it is a minor update but also brings a new excitement for the First use. Here is the first look of Project Neon:

It will be mainly focusing on Animations, Simplicity and Consistency, also, there will be the old most preferred Windows 7’s Aero Glass mixed up with the animations just like Windows Phone 7 & 8.

The new component called “Acrylic” will be introduced by Microsoft which will bring a blur effect in the background, sidebar or the navigation of the app. It is found that this changes work very smoothly in its testings.

Project Neon also supports 3D and HoloLens effectively. It simply follows your mouse pointer whether its hovering or moving from one point to another to show the real and natural interactions on a PC. On HoloLens, it follows the gaze of the user.

There are some other changes as well planned by Microsoft already. This changes are gonna shipped internally with Neon this year. Neon might come with Redstone3 this year.
Following are the Samples taken, showing changes made in Project Neon.

Source: MSPoweruser

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