How to Keep MP3 Songs in Various Cloud Storage Services

It’s always useful to have your music in a digital collection and at the same time be a music lover. But it won’t seem good to have everything on the same device. That’s where cloud storage comes into action. If you have few of Android devices, iOS devices, and Kindle Fire. It uses a version of Android that is restricted to Amazon and it won’t support Google play music.

You might face some problems to find a music service that will support all of the devices. That’s not a problem, the best solution is to duplicate your entire collection in iCloud,  the Amazon cloud storage and Google play music. All these cloud storage platforms offer free storage and if the storage runs out you can buy more storage anytime. Or if anyone of the cloud storage fills up you can use other 2 storage platform.

How to Keep MP3 Songs in Various Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage

Transferring MP3 files to Google Play Music

If your music is in iTunes then you can upload around 50,000 songs from your computer to Google Play Music for free.

1. Firstly go to Google Play Music on a web browser.
2. If you don’t have a google account then you can make a Google account and it’s free.
3. Now download the Google Music manager desktop application to run it on your Mac or Windows desktop.
4. Open music manager from the application folder on your Mac or from the start menu if you’re using a Windows PC.
5. Now it’s the time it selects the music from your computer.
6. Just follow the instructions which are displayed on your screen. To add music to your Google Play Music library.

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Transferring MP3 to Amazon Music

Amazon is also doing the same thing as it’s Amazon Music website.

1. Now go to Amazon Music on a web browser
2. As usual, if you don’t have an Amazon account create it or if you have one then sign in using that account
3. On the left panel, there’s an option to upload your music to the Amazon cloud storage.
4. A screen will open and install the Amazon music app.
5. Using this uploader you can upload your non-DRM iTunes music files to Amazon music

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