Indian smartphone market grew 14% in 2017, shipped 124 million units

Indian smartphone market

As we all know that the number of smartphone users have increased drastically, the Indian smartphone market is blooming recently. Starting from let domestic manufacturers like Reliance Jio to the MNC like Samsung and Xiaomi are the companies which helped Indian smartphone market to jump the bandwagon in the growth of clash for the rising demand.

Alone in 2017 itself, Indian smartphone market registered 14% growth in it’s annual shipment of 124 million units. As per International Data Corporation’s Quarterly mobile phone tracker. The current growth rate makes Ind. smartphone market one of the fastest growing market. Which is among the 20 smartphone markets world wide.

As per the reports it is said that Indian smartphone market witnessed a downfall in 2016. This was because of the demonization initiative which was launched by the Modi Government. And also due to the scarcity of the components of the mobile phone.

However, Ind. smartphone market came right back to track and it achieved double digit growth. In 2017 with the record of 56 million feature phones was shipped in the last quarter of 2017 itself.

Indian Smartphone Market Growth

So the Chinese based vendors have strengthened their position in the Indian smartphone market. With their collective share and China-based brands alone reaching 53% in 2017 than 34% in the previous year.

The strength in their home market and the weakened position of the local smartphone manufacturers. This has helped the Chinese manufacturers to solidify their operation in Indian smartphone market.

India is the biggest market for feature phones. In the year 2017 there was a 17% annual growth in the feature phone market. There was a decline in the feature phone for 3 consecutive years.

Feature phones still remains relevant to a large consumer base in India. Reliance Jio Indian Telecom operator shipped huge shipments of 4G enabled feature phones.

In the coming future as well Indian smartphone market will have a huge growth.

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