How To Improve Startup Time in Windows 10

Hello Reader, So today We’ll learn How to Improve StartUp Time in Windows 10. It’s great that our smartphones and tables start up quickly. When it’s compared to PC’s it’s slow. It’s because most of us have too many programs that starts as soon as the PC boots. Most of the programs do this by default and it will mess with the booting time of the PC. As the programs wants to be read as soon as the PC is booted up.

So if the start up time of your new-ish, new windows PC has crawled down. You might be able to improve startup time by just a little cleaning.

This trick will work on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 as well to Improve Startup Time

Improve Startup Time

So getting started, right click on the Start button on the left side then a window will appear in than click on Task Manager. Or you can use keyboard short cut Ctrl+shift+esc. With the task manager select Startup tab. This is the command central for all the programs that starts when the PC boots up. A few tweaks here can improve startup time of your PC.

Before doing anything just understand what programs you need to start when your PC boots up and what programs you don’t want. Remember this don’t mess with anything that’s linked directly to the computers hardware. This won’t make a huge difference but it will improve startup timings of your PC.

The Startup will contain 4 columns Name, Publisher, Status, StartUp Impact. StartUp Impact will have 4 category which are high, medium, low, none. Check for programs with high, medium and then low. Because the programs with high StartUp Impact will use most of the resources while booting.

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Now which ever program you think is not necessary during the boot time disable it. But be very careful as you might fell some programs are not necessary but for the PC it might be important. Now after disabling the thing you don’t need close the tab. You might improve startup timings.
After all this if you still want your PC to boot up still more quickly then try upgrading you RAM or swap your HDD to SSD this will definitely improve startup timings.

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