How to change Language in MS Office 2016 to our preferred Language


Microsoft Office is one of the best office software from a long time and might continue in near future. It offers a better text editor, sheets, presentation maker, etc., with a better working interface.

It also supports different languages as well as various regional languages.

There is always a question in one’s mind while buying a new machine i.e., the Office and Windows coming with it will be lost when formatted. The only thing such user can do is uninstalling unnecessary programs.

No matter what the default language is, Office can always be set to the language of your choice. This option is especially useful for the Non-English speaking regions.

Microsoft Office 2016 users can simply follow the steps given below.

Change default Language in Microsoft Office 2016

In a users life, there is always a time when they unknowingly change the default language or select the wrong language while installing.

Microsoft Office has three different areas where the language can be changed manually. These three areas are:

  1. User Interface.
  2. Editing Area.
  3. Proofing Tools.

Many users may prefer having a UI and Editing area with the same language. Languages can be changed in all the three areas. In order to change the language, go through the following steps.

These steps can be performed in any Microsoft Office 2016 application.

  • Select Options from the File ribbon.
  • Select the Language tab in Options dialogue box.

LanguageThere must be a couple of languages available which can be be selected and set as default. If no such language is available the you can click on the Add button.

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See the Proofing tab if you have your language installed. If not then click on the Not Installed button and Office 2016 will take you to the installation page.

You can choose the languages of that particular region from the above steps. If you still face any problem then let us know in the comment section below.

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Source: The Windows Club