Holograms App No Longer A Placeholder App: Microsoft

 New set of Hologram app has been launched by Microsoft for the Windows 10 Creators Update. The app is  already known to insider for a while now but it was a placeholder before. Nevertheless, Microsoft announced that hologram is no longer a placeholder app.

thus with the new hologram app one can basically place holograms into Mixed Reality environment on the Mixed Reality Portal. For example, you could place a  hologram of  a  flower  or any app page on the mixed reality environment. as soon as the  holograms are placed you can move around with them ,play around with them in the similar manner with a normal window in Windows Mixed Reality.
The salient features are:

  • Select holograms from an exciting gallery, including characters, animals, and funky furniture.
  • Place, move, resize, and rotate holograms in your space.Use the
  • holographic label maker to add text to your space.
  • Use voice commands to manipulate your holograms.
  • Look for animated holograms that move and make noises when you hit play.

You can get a closer look at the Holograms app in the video below:

    The app is available from the windows store below on your windows 10 device The app won’t work   if it is opened normally and has to be opened from 7the mixed Reality Portal’s simulated environment in the Windows 10 Creator’s Update.

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