Hacker’s Hacked HBO’s 1.5 TB data and might leak upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones

HBO server hack

Hackers have broke into servers of HBO ans have stolen an unknown quantity of data. HBO have just confirmed that some hackers have broken into their servers and stole some unknown amount of data. Unreleased episode of Ballers and Room 104 have been seen online and a script that matches with next week’s  Game os Thrones episode .

As soon as the company came to know about this break down ,they have started investication,” the company said in a statement, first reported by Entertainment Weekly. “We immediately began investigating the incident and are working with law enforcement and outside cybersecurity firms. Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold.”

This news is definitely  not good news for the company as the hackers claim to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of data from the server which not only includes unreleased episodes and scripts but also employee data sand finantial information.definitely the hackers will release data slowly over the internet. The hackers might play the Game of thrones game with people. as they might leak unreleased episode

This doesn’t look good for HBO. The hackers in question claim to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of data from the company, a staggering quantity that could include not only unreleased episodes and scripts but also employee data and financial information. It’s unclear if this is the case, but the hackers appear to be leaking the data online slowly. And, according to an email they sent to reporters on Sunday night, the hackers do want to play up the Game of Thrones angle:

In coming weeks we might see new episodes of Game Of Thrones  before there official release. which will be good for Fans but not for HBO.

There’s still a lot that we don’t know, as this is a developing story. We’ve reached out to HBO to learn more about the incident and will update this post as we learn new information.

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