How to try Google Reply – The new social media chatbot

So google has come up with yet another app it’s called the ‘Reply’. This app will take all the trouble of socializing by reading all the social media messages. The app will suggest some automatic replies which are based on your normal chatting technique or habits. Basically this a social media chatbot which will take care of some basic replies.

Google didn’t launch this app officially, now they are just testing the beta version. And as always thanks to the early leaks you can take it out for a spin in your Android device. As it’s APK is available online.

You can download it from APKMIRROR. So if your planning on using it then do it at your own risk as this is a beta test app there might be a lot of bugs.

How to try Google Reply – the new social media chatbot

After the installation of the app as usual u’ll be said to sign in with your Google account. Then most importantly allow the app to access your notifications. This is where the social media chatbot performs it’s magic like the automatic reply happens here. And also this app needs to access your location and calendar. So that it might use your location data to reply to certain messages.

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There are a ton of other features like it can look up your working hours and respond as per that. The automatic response will be shown. Even though for the moment there are a few feature and in the coming future there will be still more features coming.

I have personally used this app and it’s been really useful for me the social media chatbot works fine. But when someone text’s me using the local language the social media chatbot detects it as a French word most of the time. But that’s not a big deal as the app is a developing stage.

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