Google plans to launch stories format in Google search

IT giant, Google is soon bringing a developer preview of something which is being called as “AMP Stories”. This two words only make sense to those who are obsessive about what’s happening with the way we consume content on our phones. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore this article, it is related to everyone who uses Google search. You will get to know what major change will occur in your results of Google search.

What we can expect from the preview

It is going to be very simple to understand if you are familiar with the word “Story”. You might have been using Snapchat, Instagram, or any other social media properties, so must be knowing about the “Story”.

It’s a full-screen display of content you can swipe or tap through. Snapchat started it, Instagram ruthlessly copied it, and then Facebook even more ruthlessly tried to make Stories a thing in every product it makes.

Google is also bringing the same “Story” property. Beginning today, it will begin testing a Stories format that will appear in Google search — but only if you go looking for it. You can search for a publication like People, CNN, or our sister-site SBNation and you might get served a carousel of slideshow content created by that partner. It could be a slideshow of a top-ten list, little-moving images, or some other “visually rich [way] of storytelling specifically designed for mobile,” as Google puts it.

Something about the “AMP”

Well, you must have got some idea of this upcoming property by Google. So, let’s move further with “AMP” part. “AMP” is standard for web pages that are radically faster than existing mobile pages, almost entirely supported by Google.

AMP has been into controversies, But still, it is the biggest way of traffic for the publications that use it. The new version of Google’s story will be built on the same HTML base.

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AMP Stories are coded and served with many of the same tools used to make AMP article. So they load fast and may even be pre-cached on your phone before you click on them.

in this preview, AMP Stories will be very much similar to stories we are familiar with like Snapchat etc. There will be a mix of text, moving images, and a little video. Vox Media’s chief product officer, Joe Alicata, tells me that AMP Stories is “a distinct, new way to tell stories,” as opposed to AMP articles, which are mainly faster ways to show content that would otherwise just be on a regular web page. Google has stressed that at this stage, it’s not allowing ads in AMP Stories, but Alicata believes that there’s potential to monetize them down the road.

AMP story will be an open source standard, like the one driven by Google. That means anyone can make the stories. AMP Stories can be linked to and shared. But clicking on one from a desktop browser probably won’t look as good as it will on your phone.

There is still no confirmation about its exact arrival, Google

Reportedly, no announcement is made by the Google regarding the arrival of this property. But if I have been Google, I’d launch AMP Stories sooner rather than later. I know that there’s usually a backlash to a popular format a year or two after it hits critical mass. So Stories are probably due soon, as is AMP. Take those two things and mash them together? I honestly have no idea how people will react to seeing that at the top of their Google searches.

Well, you can search and look for some of the early AMP stories by accessing your phone and searching for a publisher at CNN, Mic, SBNation, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Wired, People, and Mashable are all participating.


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