Whenever you have to go somewhere or if you need to buy something from some store and don’t know the location. You use Google maps and find out the directions. And even you can browse some pictures of the place and other information about the place.

On the occasion of international women’s day on March 8. Google maps will roll out a new feature which is mainly focused on woman empowered. Now any business which is run by women can now describe themselves. This was announced on Wednesday by Alphabet Inc. the company which owns Google.

Google Maps lets promote businesses themselves

google maps

The all-new descriptor will allow the users to see whether the business will provide free WiFi or has outdoor seating etc. And if the business is run by women then an icon will appear with female gender symbol. As per the screenshot which was in the blog post.

Google maps are improving a lot day by day and will be developed as per the needs of the user’s. Last year a Google maps feature was rolled out which should if the place or business is friendly for gay, best, lesbian, etc. These type of feature will help people a lot so that they can enjoy that place then be embarrassed by people.

These things were suggestions from Google employees last year it was that and this year it is about women-led business.

‘We strive to organize the world’s information in a way that is inclusive of all people,” this was said through an email by Googles spokeswomen Liz Davidoff. She also said that they add the women-led attribute so that people can find such place and visit them. These things will also lead to women empowerment in the meat feature.

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Google is talking up measures to be a  user-friendly company and support for things which really need some support.