Google to give support for voice search in Eight more Indian languages

Google voice search

Google announced the latest update for Google voice search. Google announced adding new  Indian languages in addition to previous languages in Voice search . The update was announced at 08/14/2017, 11:10 ET; . Google have also revealed a number of other languages  which are now compatible with Voice search and Gboard. Recently in a blog post titled”type less,talk more” Google highlighted 13 more languages now supported as part of its  efforts to make the internet more inclusive. These are:

  • Amharic (Ethiopia)
  • Armenian (Armenia)
  • Azerbaijani (Azerbaijani)
  • English (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania)
  • Georgian (Georgia)
  • Javanese (Indonesia)
  • Khmer (Cambodian)
  • Lao (Laos)
  • Latvian (Latvia)
  • Nepali (Nepal)
  • Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
  • Sundanese (Indonesia)
  • Swahili (Tanzania, Kenya).

Aslo, Google further refereed that users will now be able to use there voice (In US in English) to use emoji . For example say”winkey face emoji” to use the emoji.

The new language support will also enhance voice typing on Gboard, helping users to respond to emails on the go and send texts within messaging apps. To enable Voice Typing, users can install Gboard from the Play Store and choose their language from the Settings.

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