Google is in works to enable its users to make payments using its Google Pay Send via Google Contacts app. Owing to it, the company has started integrating both its own services. Hence, it’s time to upgrade your Google Contacts app now, which takes a jump to V2.5.

The only visible or highlighted changes in the Contacts app is in its Privacy Policy and Terms of service. However, let’s do a teardown, to know more about it.

It starts with a little motion on the subject of location sharing that was hinted in the first of November. It was fairly clear real-time location sharing would be added to the Contacts app. The other familiar subject of cleaning up contacts, it looks like Google is adding a “cleanup wizard” to help with working on messy entries.

And finally, Google is adding money transfers to the Contacts app. I doubt this comes as a surprise to anybody since it happened to the Android Messages Back in the November itself. The basic features appear to exist. Still, we suspect that users will get to choose whether to send the requests via SMS, Email, or some other contact method.

In November, Google added Money Transfer to Android messages via Google Wallet (Now called as Google Pay send). After the update in Google contact, an analyst noticed a send icon that appeared on Google’s server-side updates. The UI itself is basically the same as the one found in Android Messages. But you can choose which contact method via SMS, Email, or some other contact method. Google Pay Request doesn’t seem to be present here, despite the fact that there was a ‘Request’ string in our teardown.

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Since this is a server-side change, the user can’t use this feature as Send and the lack of Request have not been finalized yet by Google. Send isn’t functional for the analyst yet because he’s in Canada and he doesn’t have Google Pay installed. But if you use Google Pay for money transfers often, this should definitely come in handy when it is officially launched.