Everyone is excited for the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update which is releasing next month. Microsoft has already started informing users about this upcoming update in Windows 10. If you wish to get your hands-on the upcoming features before anyone else, then you can do that right now.

This new update is almost ready for its public release. If you still wish to grab it early then their are two ways:

  1. From Windows Insider Program.
  2. Clean installing using an ISO.

Keep in mind that there are still a couple of minor bugs present.

We would like to recommend you by choosing installing using an ISO if you want a fresh start. But if you do not want any of the settings shouldn’t be changed  then opt for Insider Program.


Follow these steps:

  • Once you are a Windows Insider, open up the Settings app (Win + I).
  • Click on the “Update & Security” section.
  • From there, click on the “Windows Insider Program” option from the sidebar.
  • After that, you should see a button that lets you Get Started with Insider Preview builds.
  • Once
    you hit the Get Started button, you will get warned about the roughness
    of these Insider previews — it’s probably a good idea to review the

  • Hit next, and confirm the selection in the next step.
  • After
    that, you will be required to restart your PC to get the latest Insider
    Preview build. You can choose to restart now, or you can choose to
    restart later:

  • Once the computer restarts, go back into the Update & Security section in the Settings app.
  • Click on the Windows Insider program from the sidebar.
  • Under
    the “Choose your Insider level,” you will see a dropdown with three
    different options: Fast, Slow, and Release Preview. By default, you will
    be enrolled into the Release Preview — but to get the latest Creators
    Update features, you need to enroll into either the Fast or Slow rings: 
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  • We recommend you to get enroll into the Fast ring if you want all
    the latest fixes and improvements, but do keep in mind that builds
    released here might include several issues and Microsoft will release a
    lot of new updates for the Fast Ring in the coming weeks, so you will
    have to install quite a lot of updates. But if you opt for the Slow
    ring, you will get the fixes a few days later but you won’t have to
    update your PC frequently — so  that’s probably the better option for

  • After you have enrolled into the Fast or Slow ring, you will
    have to wait at least 24 hours to get the new Creators Update. You can
    check for updates from the Windows Update, and you will see it show up
    as an Insider Preview release. Windows Update will automatically start
    downloading the update as soon as it is available, and you will get
    notified to install the update when it’s ready.

  • Once the update
    is installed, you will now be able to try out all the latest and
    greatest new features in the Windows 10 Creators Update!


Microsoft also releases official ISOs for some of the latest Creators
Update builds. You can use the ISOs to clean install or upgrade your PC
to the Windows 10 Creators Update, and it’s a pretty straightforward
way of installing Windows if you are familiar with the process. You can download the official ISOs for the Creators Update from here â€”
the ISOs are available for Windows 10 Pro, Home, Enterprise, Education,
Home China and Home Single Language SKUs. The ISOs are also available
for multiple languages.

Once you download the ISO from Microsoft, you can use it to upgrade your PC by creating a bootable USB drive with it.

In these ways you can get to use Windows 10 Creators Update before everyone else.

Stay tuned for more.

Source: MS Poweruser