Pixel2Recently there has been an official mention of another Google Pixel successor. Yes, you might be thinking that how is it so. It is true that there won’t be any Google smart phone announcement for next 5-6 months.

However, may be accidently but there is an official mentioning of upcoming Google smart phone.

XDA-Developers reoprted this new AOSP commit (a modular piece of code dedicated for a particular function of the Android OS) called “Cherrypick ‘… decide which Auto Selection Network UI to use.” has a description which mentions Google Pixel 3.

This change added the config because the HAL V_1_2 only supports Pixel 3, and the new Auto Selection Network UI is based on HAL V_1_2. So we set the flag to decide which Auto Selection Network UI should be used based in the device type.

Here HAL stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer, it is a piece of software which connects the gap between hardware and Android OS. This means that there may be a new kind of bond between software and radio. It may allow Wi-Fi networks to scan continuously rather than have to hit refresh and wait for a few seconds.

Right now we can’t say that Google wants publicize such things which are kept internally. Since it is an unreleased device, it is hard to say what it will have and what is coming with it.

Once there is a release of full Android P source code, then more things are likely to come up about Pixel 3.

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Source: GSMArena