How to find if your PC/Laptop is infected with Virus

Getting infected with the virus is one of the bad situations that can happen. Computer slows down. Applications, folders, files will not respond or open slower than usual. Design changes or access denied message pops up while trying to access files.

Most of Anti-virus programs come in two standard versions and are as follows.

  • Free/Trial
  • Pro

Features vary with the versions. The free version of Anti-virus can’t give protection against some type of malware. Coders are improvising and sometimes malware enters the computer with Pro versions enabled.

Behavioral changes are observed.

  • The computer becomes slow all of a sudden.
  • Frequent shutdowns.
  • Restarting on its own.
  • Weird changes in theme.
  • Access denied/permission error kind of messages while trying to open folders.
  • Filling up of space in Local Disks C, D, and E.
  • Keyboard keys won’t work.

It is important to detect in earlier stages. If unaware, they send the passwords and other private information to its developer through the internet. More advanced malware will send emails to your contact list thus expanding their range.

virus malware

A famous quote “Prevention is better than cure” is better to be followed. Some of the common ways that malware/virus can enter your computers are as follows.

  • Clicking the links from unknown emails.
  • Downloading applications from websites which have no proper certificates.
  • File sharing with friends. (few cases)
  • Clicking on flashing Ads in websites.

It is our duty to be careful. Formatting is the only option to delete the virus in worst cases. That would eventually result in losing data. It is better to update Antivirus software at regular intervals.

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Make sure to detect the virus at early stages and run a scan which removes them or take suitable measures. Always make sure to place copies of personal data like passwords, photos in drive or other hard disks. You can then have the data even in worst cases.

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