How to get your iPhone back using ‘Find My iPhone’

Find my iPhone

Hello Reader, If your iPhone is lost or someone stole it, well don’t be scared. Apple has developed an application which will help you locate your iPhone. It also prevents theirs from getting your personal data. Firstly, you’ll need to Find my iPhone app which is a free service and also is a part of iCloud.

With the help of GPS and internet connection, it locates your iPhone and also can take certain actions on your phone.

Requirements for the process Find My iPhone back:

  • iCloud account
  • Find my iPhone application should be installed on your phone before it gets stolen. If the app is installed nothing can be done.
  • A device or a computer connected to the internet.

How to use Find My iPhone to Erase or Find your phone.

1.Log in to your iCloud account the same account which you used while setting up Find My iPhone. It might be your Apple ID or Your iTunes ID account.

Next click on Find IP. hone when it appears on the web-based tool which is offered by iCloud. Immediately after that Find My iPhone will try to locate all your devices in which it’s enabled on. At the same time, you’ll get on-screen messages of the process.

If more than one device is set up for Find My iPhone then, click all devices and select what device are you looking for.

Now, If your device is located, then Find My iPhone will zoom in on the map and will show the location of the device you selected. After that, it will be shown using a Green Dot.

Now, If you are using a windows device or Android it will be shown on Google maps and iOS device in Maps. At the same time on the right side of the web browser.

It will show the battery percentage of the device which you selected and some few other options.

Click Play sound this will ring your phone, in case if you left your phone somewhere and forget it you can hear the phone ringing.

You can also click on Lost Mode it will remotely lock your phone and you can set a custom password.

If you think you can’t get your phone back you can delete all your data from your device to do so, you need to click on the Erase button.

You’ll get a notice, just click you understood and your data will erase your data on your phone.

And lastly, if you feel like your device is moving then click on the Green Dot. Green dot represents your phone and after that, a rounded arrow will appear in the pop-up window.

This will update the devices GPS position and will show the updated GPS location.

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