Zuckerberg Comes Up with New Locked-down Messenger App for Children

In this time of ‘dark’ internet, children must be saved from the greasy side of the internet. Different abusive games or videos can affect even a kindergartener. So parents must look after their precious ones and pull them out of the shadow of light. (pun intended)
Now, when it comes to Facebook, we all are regular users. Children, in growing ages, often get addicted to Facebook. Chatting, tagging, making new friends give them an enthusiastic thrill.
Though the ever-growing social media affects youngsters and oldies alike, children under the age of 13 are more prone to this addiction. While parents try to impose utmost restrictions, this may backfire and only leads to hidden, unrestricted use of social media.
So this time, Zuckerberg’s team got a new locked-down messenger app for children – Messenger Kids – designed for parents to keep tabs on their kiddos. The company had done a deep research in the area of child development, online safety and children’s media to build this app. According to Facebook’s Loren Cheng, they have gone through a million expert advises and have talked with thousands of parents too.
They have emphasized on the thought-provoking conversations around topics of responsible online communication, parental controls and many more with organizations like National PTA and Blue Star Families, where they listen to the parents and the caregivers about how they raise children in today’s virtual world.
This new Facebook App for the kids is much like the regular app, but with limitations. Children are controlled by their parents. That means parents can filter out to whom their children may communicate with.
GIFs (filtered), stickers (filtered) and emoji are all present. And there is also the usual text chat and video chat as well.
There won’t be any ads in this app. And Facebook promised not to sell your children’s app data anytime soon, which is good news for the privacy seekers.
This new app got a nice balance of total censorship and total freedom. It also allows parents to be the gatekeeper of their children’s virtual activities.
This is already available in the US on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It will be available shortly on Google Play and Amazon Stores shortly.

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