Diskgenius Review – Best Software to Organize Your Files, Free Up Space & Protects Data!

One of the most disastrous things that could happen to any person is if the valuable data in their system gets lost because of some malfunction, unintentional formats, viruses or so on. 

Nonetheless, one must not stress if that is the situation because all thanks to ever evolving technology, there are softwares that can help you recover all your data seamlessly. One such software is DiskGenius. DiskGenius Free is a free utility tool and data recovery software painstakingly created by Eassos. 

DiskGenius has been a very popular choice amongst the individuals and business entities as well. But, is it actually worth the hype? Well, keep your eyes hooked till the end cause we have reviewed every single aspect of DiskGenius. 

But before that, let us learn or revise some basics about DiskGenius and Partition Management.

What is Partition Management and Why is it important?

Partition management is the most common way of managing disk partitioning. While the geniuses behind partition management define it as a tool that is similar to the tools that IT experts use. They say that because the result is very much similar in terms of operating and file systems treat the areas on external storage as if they are on the device itself.

The process works by using a partition table. At the point when clients use the partition management devices to create, erase, or control partitions within a storage gadget, the partition table starts computing the size, area, and nature of every partition. 

Then, at that point, the operating system counsels the partition table to understand the curriculum of the partitions and where to accommodate specific data and records. 

When the partition management devices have played out this work, partitions then, at that point, work as “logical” disks rather than part of a similar by and massive storage device. 

Partition management tools also give a scope of different functions, for example, cloning tools, seamless organisation options, recover deleted data, conversion of data in different formats, and so on.

Now that you are familiar with what partition management is, let us hop onto the details of DiskGenius.

What is DiskGenius?

Diskgenius Review

DiskGenius is a disk partition management tool that goes above and beyond as it not only equips one with partition management but also caters to many different functions that are resourceful to the users.

Creating, removing, resizing, checking of errors and recuperating of disk partitions is, obviously an all-rounder, backing these core functions up as an additional help for recovering documents, cloning disks and partitions, relocating an Operating System, cleaning free disk space, monitoring disks and areas for trouble, virtualizing a current system disk into a virtual machine by the help of VirtualBox or VMWare.

In the next segment of this article, we will be talking about the key features of DiskGenius.

Key Features of Disk Genius:

  • It is an easy to use disk and partition management programme.
  • The Professional Version of DiskGenius also comes with Bitlocker Tools, which honestly is value for money.
  • The DiskGenius consists of various disk utilities in a single pack.
  • There are also free versions available for DiskGenius.
  • One can also clone and delete any current disk partitions.
  • There are tools for checking partition alignment and partition tables. 
  • One can create, erase, resize, split and (re)format disk partitions easily with the help of DiskGenius. 
  • DiskGenius also has tools for deleting partitions, free space and even disk areas.
  • There are tools for recovering both, individual documents and whole partitions. 
  • DiskGenius also incorporates tools for cloning partitions to image files. 
  • Lastly, saving the best for the last. The upgrades are free for lifetime.

How is DiskGenius in terms of use?

One thing which truly stands apart with regards to DiskGenius is how inclusive it is due to the amount of tools and functionalities it has to offer. Truth be told, from the looks of it, it appears as if it is one of the most inclusive disk partition management devices one can get in today’s time.

With this being said, in this part of the review, we will zero in on the core elements and functionalities of the tool and how simple everything can be if operated and used properly. It will include choosing an arrangement of devices to zero in on rather than having to test individual devices and functions. 

Not solely limiting to that, we will also be discussing the different variants of DiskGenius that are available along with the steps by which you can install them.

Installing the DiskGenius

Basically, there are three different variants of DiskGenius available. They are:

  • Free
  • Standard ($69.90)
  • Professional ($99.90)

For the following review, we will be playing around with the free version of DiskGenius. One can install the free version from the website. It might seem a bit weird to you all cause this is a free version but let us tell you that even the free version of DiskGenius is comprehensive and features most of the functions just like the Standard and the Professional versions.

Consuming around 64GB, it is a fast download and the installation can be done easily by a couple of clicks. 

Once you are done with the installation part, the software will pop-up, showing you the details of any disks or partition management tools installed in the device.

Also, did we forget to mention that you don’t need to share your personal data or go through any hassle of creating an account to use DiskGenius?

Disk Partition Management using DiskGenius:

There are multiple tools that come with DiskGenius but Partition Management is the heart of this software, indeed.

When you see the main page of the software popping up on your device’s screen, you will see the option of “Partition” on the topmost part, starting from left. 

One of the most widely used features of disk partition management has to be setting up a newly installed disk that is ready for use in a system (be it an extra disk for an expanded storage or one expected to replace an existing drive).

Keeping that in mind, we will be using a new hard drive to test the effectiveness of DiskGenius to know how well it performs with regards to the creation of a new partition.

With DiskGenius we can without any hassle designate the partition type, the file system design (layout), the size of the partition to make and the sector size you need to use. 

PS: The sector size is usually set at 2K (default) but you can change it to 4K from the drop down menu.

Now, with the new disk partition settings in place, you need to click on the “Save All” option in the toolbar to submit these actions to the disk. When it is all set and running, the tool will ask for a final user confirmation and then proceed to create a new partition, format the disk and lastly, allot a Windows drive. Now, your partition will be ready to use.

Then, with the new partition created, we can check out a commonly used task needed from disk partition management software, re-estimating partitions into different partitions that are smaller in size.

And then, right click on the new drive in the left side of the explorer window and then click on “Resize Partition.”

Now that we are in the partition resizing screen, we can set another size for the partition we created right now or maybe the one we made earlier. Or you can specify that the leftover disk space will be left unallocated or have another partition created around it.


The new partition can be deleted from the system using the Delete Partition option, assuming the partition is not required any more. Or, you can use the Hide/ Unhide option by which you will not be able to see the partition anymore but it will exist in the system.

As of now, we have covered a lot many aspects with regards to partitioning. Given below is a list of a few more remarkable features of the DiskGenius Partition Management System.

Additional Features of DiskGenius:

  • Appointing or Removing the Windows drive letters. 
  • Conversion of MBR to GUID and vice-versa.
  • Switching between the basic and logical partitions.
  • Arranging virtual RAID across single or multiple disks.
  • Allotting partitions as “Active” or “Inactive.”
  • Converting volume serial numbers. 

Honestly, the list could still go on and on. We have only covered a few of the features.

Examining, Error-Checking and Repairing of DiskGenius 

With the basic functions of partition creation covered, one of the other fundamental uses of partition management softwares, including DiskGenius is to supervise the disks that are connected to the system. 

It also includes looking for errors, doing alignment scans, repairing the faulty sectors, restoring the boot tables and so on. 

Getting going with the “Verify or Repair Bad Sectors” device, we can examine and check any of the installed hard disks in your system and, whenever needed, the tool will try to fix any bas sectors on the disk. 

You can also see the SMART data on such disks by the help of the SMART diagnostic data viewer. It is a tool which can help in diagnosing hard disk related issues before they become a bigger issue.

Now moving on to the next tool, introducing the “4K Partition Alignment Detection.” A tool which will help distinguish and fix the misaligned partitions and in the process help to accelerate disk drive access and improve the life of SSD drives.

At last, DiskGenius offers users the capacity to backup and recover the partition table for any individual disk.

The backup process can be extremely vital if a disk partition table is damaged or becomes unusable in any capacity because of the functioning of the system. In such cases, having a back-up implies that the disk can be made functional again because of the operations to easily restore the partition table through the DiskGenius programming.

Copying, Migrating and Cloning via DiskGenius 

Till now we have seen that DiskGenius has many tools and utilities related to working with hard disks and partitions and keeping them in the most ideal working order. 

Another thing to think about while considering disk management programming is its capacity to assist with other disk related functions like moving the whole system to new disks (also includes SSD drives), cloning of disks and partitions to different disks. 

Did we forget to mention that the whole thing is recoverable?

Now, coming to the disk cloning device, you can clone a whole disk or a single partition to another disk which is installed  and running on the same device. This tool basically necessitates that the source and destination disks (or partitions) are chosen and the device will then deal with all that to play out the cloning process.

Finally, relocating the whole Operating System, including all partitions, user information, applications and settings is also made easier because of the dedicated System Migration device. 

DiskGenius works similarly as the disk and partition cloning tools. But, it varies in certain aspects too. It makes sure that the necessary disks and partitions are consolidated in the cloning process and that the target disk is designed as the new booting disk.

Erasing and Recovering Data using DiskGenius 

Erasing and Recovery of data are two tasks that are usually linked with device cleaning software, be that as it may, both are available in all forms of DiskGenius at no extra charge.

Now, coming to the erasing tool, we can see the options to delete a whole sector and also delete or overwrite and free the space on the disk whenever it has been erased.

At last, we can recover the lost or erased files or partitions using the “Recover Lost Files” and “Search Lost Partitions” tools individually. 

The “Recover Lost Files” tool can be set to filter a disk or partition and basically records any recoverable file in the main sheet of the application, the selected files would then be able to be looked over this list and recovered.

The “Recover Lost Files” device can be set to filter a disk or partition and basically records any recoverable files in the main sheet of application, the selected files can then be selected from the list and recovered.

The “Search for Lost Partitions” device permits selected disks to be filtered and any lost or hidden partitions found.

DiskGenius Security 

DiskGenius does not do wonders in the security specific features. But it is able to erase partitions and sectors and remove any free space on a disk which is much safer than deleting the files from the operating system.

The Professional Version of DiskGenius has a feature that can easily decrypt any drives with the help of Bitlocker. It can also search and recover the lost or hidden files on Bitlocker Partitions.

Virtualisation Tools of DiskGenius 

Something which is truly astonishing is included in the DiskGenius is the capacity to virtualise the current system into a ready to use Virtual Machine (VM) on either VirtualBox or VMware based virtualisation software.

While the essence of such a function is changing over the current system hard disk to a virtualised copy, one can also determine different parts of the new Virtual Machine being constructed including the number of processors, the amount of RAM and the index to be used for the new virtual machines data.

Customer Services and Support 

We would like to bow down to DiskGenius for this one, honestly. The customer support executives of DiskGenius are available 24/7 online. Not just that, the FAQs available on the website are so informative that it can solve any issue one is facing easily. 

Well, this brings us to an end of our discussion. Now is the time for us to conclude our overall experience with DiskGenius.

“Is DiskGenius Worth The Hype?”

Frankly, yes it is worth the hype. Something that we loved about DiskGenius is that they have managed to inculcate a lot of tools into a single pack. That is something which attracts every user who is trying to get a hang on consolidating the amount of disk utilities they have installed.

Even in the free version of DiskGenius, they have equipped the users with so many great features which is another thing we admired about it. Moreover, the ease of use is also a very crucial factor.

Although, we feel that it is priced a bit higher but given the features and ease it provides you, it surely is worth spending every single penny on.

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