‘Delete For Everyone’ WhatsApp feature still lets you read deleted messages

For now most of you are familiar with the delete for everyone option in WhatsApp. It will delete the messages you send within 7 minutes. So if you accidentally text to a wrong person about something or something else you can delete it with in 7 minutes of sending it. However, if anyone quotes your message then the delete for everyone feature won’t work.

The messages which will be quoted will still remain in quotes even after it gets deleted. It is not a bug though as it is a part of the delete for everyone feature. And within the seven minutes if the message is quoted then the original message will no longer be displayed. But the deleted text continues to be shown in the receipts quotes.

It’s now not what you think, ‘Delete For Everyone’ WhatsApp feature still lets you read deleted messages

delete for everyone

The delete for everyone actually doesn’t work as you imagine as it has a lot of things to take into consideration. Like people might misuse these feature and might harm a lot of people and just delete after the person seeing it. And act as if nothing has happened.

The delete for everyone feature was released so that if user’s accidentally send something to a wrong person, then they can delete the message. Some of you might have experienced this, before this feature was introduced. If anyone sends a txt in the group and delete it, then it was not available for the receipts as well. The only problem with it was it was not working every time. It was working very rarely like once in a thousand times. It must have been a bug I guess. But now the delete for everyone is working really well and is very useful.

And if you check the WhatsApp FAQ there is nothing given about how this delete for everyone feature works. As always there is one glitch in this. It is possible to recover the deleted messages from Android notification history. But by using third-party apps users can browse the notification log and read the deleted texts.

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