How to Detect and Delete Bitcoin Mining Malware from your PC

Bitcoin Mining Malware

Hello Reader, Today here we’re going to learn How to Detect and Delete Bitcoin Mining Malware from your PC.

So, this sort of malware is noticeable inside game and your PC programs, adwares like in your browsers. Bitcoin mining malware is made to infect your cryptocurrencies. This type of malware basically runs different processes in your machine and uses significant amount of over-usage of resources.

Detection of Bitcoin Mining Malware on Your PC

Detection of Bitcoin Mining Malware can be done with followig methods:

Method 1: Unwanted Popup Advertisement in your Browser

Bitcoin Mininig Malware

You can find these advertisments popups in browsers. Probabily you have seen them most of the times, Popups are annoying, these can fill your PC with so many ads that they sometimes make you so much frustrated. They just sit in you laptop browser and when you surf internet, they track you activities. So, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Method 2: You Laptop starts reacting without any user action / New Search Engine / New Toolbar in your Browser

This happen to my personal computer in few days back. I was doing nothing and my pc was connected to internet all the time. Hence, i have noticed that Google Chrome started opening different tabs and my search engines was replaced with any other search engine.

Method 3: Getting increase in spam email messages

While surfing your mails, you have probabily noticed that your spam folder fills up with many unwanted emails, those are spam emails which are sent by the spammers with infected link. When you click those link they ask for either money or want to install some program in your PC.

Method 4: Unwanted installation of programs

You can check the Bitcoin Mining Malware through Unwanted installation of programs also. You just have to Check programs installed inside your control panel.

Bitcoin Mining Malware can be detected by different names, some of them are:


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Delete Bitcoin Mining Malware

Method 1: Resetting your Web browser

By simply resetting your web browser can help in deletion of Bitcoin Mining Malware. For this you need to go in inside your web browser settings. Let say in case of Google Chrome.

Click on 3 dots on top right corner >> Settings >> Advanced >> Reset

Bitcoin Mininig Malware

Method 2: Use Anti-Malware Program

By this method, you just have to use Anti-Malware Program to scan the Malware inside your laptop. I recommend using Malwarebytes, it scans your entire system and detect your Bitcoin Mining Malware, after that you can able to delete malware easily.

Method 3: Cleaning your windows registry

A Bitcoin Mining Malware can easily modify your windows registry of your computer. It can also make new registry and can be able to modify the existing ones.

Download the Ccleaner tool from here.

ccleaner- bitcoin mining malware

After scanning for issues, hit fix all selected issues. Now your windows registry is cleaned.

Method 4: By using a good Anti-Virus

bitcoin mining malware

A good Antivirus can help in keeping all kinds of malware away from your laptop. I suggest you to use Avast Antivirus. It is highly recommended by experts and used by most of the people all over the world.

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Conclusion: Unwanted application and ads such as bitcoin mining malware can cause a huge disruption to you pc as well as activities you do in your laptop. Above shown ways are the best ways to detect and delete Bitcoin mining malware from your PC.

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