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Introduction to Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing platform that helps you in your growth to deliver more personalized experiences. You can deliver them across a lot of marketing channels namely email services, SMS. These marketing channels also include in-app notifications and the web. The most interesting part is that there are so many brands that have made more than $3.7 billion in revenue using this growth marketing platform. These results are incredibly amazing. All this has been achieved by Klaviyo in just one year. This shows that it has an incredible growth rate. This software is so easy to use that in just a matter of few clicks you will be able to set up and send personalized text messages to all your customers. It is so easy to manage your customer experience and everything else from one single platform. It is a great opportunity to build up a brand and at the same time save a few pennies and of course the most precious, your time.

This platform is one of the most advanced marketing automation tools which provides you a feature to segment your list based upon various factors. You can integrate this platform with various other platforms like Facebook so that it becomes much easier to fetch out your Facebook contacts. You can also integrate it with your store on Shopify so that you can automatically send emails to the customers who have abandoned their cart.

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Along with this, you will also be able to create recommendations for personalized products to send to your customers so that you can bring in more engagement and leads. You can use so many conditions and actions that can be beneficial in building up rules and flows for any kind of subscriber situation. It is an easy way to build visuals because now you don’t need any kind of skills for programming creating automation workflows. You can simply use email templates that are available and also you can install various signup forms.

The only disadvantage with this platform is that it has a high price. There are so many very cheaper alternatives and you will be amazed to see further that some of these alternatives mentioned below have a price difference of up to 3 times.

Best Klaviyo alternatives

Here is a list of alternatives along with their basic features and a few disadvantages. These are the alternatives forKlaviyo that you can choose from in case you want to save some more money and get more orless the same services as Klaviyo.

1. Active Campaign

Active Campaign has some of the most amazing features which is an email marketing automation software that also has an added sales CRM. It is very easy to use an active campaign and as soon as you log in, you will be able to see that the dashboard has a lot of functions which is very surprising. Withactive campaign, you can use email marketing and send your email newsletters that look professional along with a drag and drop builder. The most amazing part of active campaign is that it is so easy to use and put together all your automated campaigns. You can start building up your automation with the help of templates and when you get the cash of it you can start making your own. You can also use the active campaign CRM and close your sales with this. These are known as Deals which you can easily use to automate the sales a follow-up and cut down on the lots of manual work that you put in for closing of such deals and sales.

With active campaign, you can get more leads and get your traffic converted to customers who buy your products. You can also add an option for chatting on your site which helps in bringing all the messages together at your email marketing. You can also chat with the on-site messages so that your visitors are impressed by the services that you are providing them and they can develop trust in you and your brand.

Active campaign is a great tool thatis capable of functionality and along with that,it proves to be beneficial at reducing the manual workload. There are a lot more features to add to the active campaign but before that, it is important to know the pricing of Active Campaign. It has a pricing of dollar 15 per month which is available to you in four different plans. It also has a starter plan which includes email marketing and marketing automation services and along with that you can also purchase higher plans and avail more features. The choice of plans depends on your needs and requirements and that of your brand.

2. Omnisend

Omnisend provides you a library of various templates which is so beneficial for you for creating templates and emails without the requirement of learning to code. This makes it so much easier for you to make customized emails that suit the requirement of your brand. You can also create discount codes and also save them for your future campaigns. Another amazing feature is the card recovery feature along with welcome messages whenever a customer reactivates. You can just drag and drop the editing and make the workflow easier and also it becomes very easy to adjust things and even start building up your brand from scratch.

With the use of Omnisend, you can also prioritizeyour marketing tactics and bring in a high impact from your consumers. It can be possible by using consumer analytics,segmentation, and insights that are AI-driven. You can start capturing the contact details of your visitors. There are various pop-up and landing page features that are helpful for the same. You can check out your whole performance and get detailed performance metrics of the campaigns and the automation reports. You can increase the potentials of your sale and also provide consistency by using email, SMS, or web push notification services along with Facebook retargeting sync and Google retargeting sync.

The list of features does not end here because there is so much more to add. If we talked about the pricing of omnisend, you can also try out the free version that it offers and even choose the pricing which begins from dollar 16 for a feature for each month.

3. Bronto Marketing Platform

The Bronto Marketing Platform is considered to be an amazing option because it is so easy to integrate it with any E-Commerce site and even sales systems. The interface is so user-friendly because you can simply drag and drop to the segment list and create your messages. Although we cannot consider it an amazing option to use for small-scale businesses. Another points to add in the disadvantage is the lack of a mobile application.

This is a cloud-based email marketing automation software that is designed in such a way that E-Commerce businesses can enhance engagement and turn the visitors into leads. It has a lot of other features like the cart recovery feature which is of great benefit. Also, you can add on recommendations and suggest a lot of similar products to your customers so that interested ones can come back to your shop and purchase.

As marketers, it is also easy to design and create a customized and mobile-friendly popup model in a few minutes. It is possible because you don’t need any coding which makes the process a lot more quick and hassle-free. This software is designed to serve businesses that are medium or large-scale businesses that have multi-channel retailers. Along with the amazing services it provides it also has been focused on providing great customer service and support which is available by almost all the mediums like phone,emails, and live chats.

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TheBrontoMarketingPlatform also provides you end-to-end solutions which are designed for or the web app and along with this they also offer you a website visitor tracking system along with auto responders. It also includes the A/B testing, social marketing, and subscriber managing all together at a single platform which is incredibly amazing.

4. Sharp Spring

You can consider it to be the most flexible platform that is available to you in the market which offers you a very powerful behavior-basedEmail Marketing System. It is a revenue growth platform with which you can boost up your sales and avail marketing automation features. The promise to offer you the best performance and along with that functionality is the most important. It is so pocket-friendly and on budget along with the ease of usage. As compared to other alternatives, Sharp Spring is one of the very low-cost platforms.

The interface is super user-friendly because you can easily add contacts and other opportunities along with creating task reminders for yourself. Another feature is that you can simply create and send email templates automatically. They also keep introducing email marketing campaigns and provide you a complete statistical analysis of every conversation that took place throughout the duration of the campaigns. It makes it all the easier for you to pick out what your clients have been clicking upon and what is the main factor of the conversions into actual purchases. You can also use the media import section provided by Short Spring and easily get your visual data which can attract your clients easily.

We can also consider it to be one of the most suitable software that you can use for growing your business. It is a total revolution about whatever you think about marketing.

Along with all the advantages mentioned above, there are various disadvantages to talk about. The HTML layouts can be very tricky to handle because of the email formatting which can make you feel clunky at times. Another one is related to the design of the emails because a lot of landing pages do not lookthat cohesive at the end because you have an option to customize the colors for the headings but you cannot customize GDPR buttons. There are various price plants that you can choose from according to your needs and requirements and get a quote from the company itself. It depends upon the number of contacts that you have.

5. Get Response

Get response is an online marketing software completely which is a great tool in helping you boost up your audience and bring in more and more engagement with your customers. All this is very important to bring sales. Get response provides you with over 30 tools that you can use so that your marketing can be transformed into something much better to bring great results. It is a very user-friendly interface where you can also learn from this by using the tutorials that are available for each tool that get response provides you. You can easily avail of the basic plan because it is way cheaper as compared to other competitors and at the same time it has been able to maintain its functionality. You can also try out the free 30 days trials where you do not require any credit card details. This makes this platform trustworthy and also you get a lot of time to understand this platform.

Along with this, you can also use its integration features that prove to be very beneficial in connecting you with all the popular E-Commerce sites and the best part is that it includes Google Analytics. You can also connect to Shopify which will enhance the reach of your brand and along with that, you can prepare your email marketing campaign. Another amazing feature is that it has life 24/7 support to solve any problem that you face. It is very easy to import and manage your contacts along with tagging, exporting, and deleting them. It also has a very advanced search segments option that helps you in workflows. You get a detailed statistical report of all the campaigns that have been created so that you can gather more and more information to improve your brand.

Keeping in mind the numerous advantages, there are a few disadvantages also inusing the get response platform because the attendees limit of the webinar is just a hundred in the Plus plan and this can be increased. Also, some improvement can be made in the contact forms because sometimes it gets very difficult to navigate. Although they have Live support sometimes there is a delay of about 3 to 10 minutes which is sometimes a little too long to wait. But still, it is a cost-effective platform at a very low price and can be trusted for your business.

6. Autopilot

Autopilot is another marketing automation software that is a great tool in helping you captured and convert your audience into new leads and then connect with your customers so that you can create a loyal and repetitive consumer base. Autopilot is very easy to launch and has a user-friendly interface. You can use its visual Canvas for creating the journeys of your customers. You can easily automate your marketing by easily dragging and then connecting shapes altogether which can be done in a matter of a few can also integrate autopilot with various other tools that are going to prove to be very beneficial for your brand’s growth and reach. You can connect autopilot with tools like Salesforce, Facebook, Typeform, Twilio, Zapier and much more to count. You can easily plugin in on your own by using the autopilot API. You can instantly trigger the automated journeys so that you can assign the leads on Salesforce and even follow up on the live chat conversations. The best feature is that you can also add your customers to the Facebook custom audience which is incredible. You can easily create a better experience for your customers and send them targeted emails along with in-app messages and postcards. You can easily notify the active customers that your brand has launched a new product or its features whenever they log in on your app which increases the chances of purchase.

Another important feature to note is the tracking and optimization performance because now you can easily set a goal for every journey so that you can get an insight into which your messages convert. Also, the performance can be tracked in real-time and you can easily run A/B test experiments and you also have an option to optimize them based on your results. You can also scared you’ll and create bespoke customer journeys so that you can at the different stages and select different variables so that you can easily create complex parts. It is very easy to navigate and make sense of the platform with simple dragging and dropping methodology.

To understand and make sense of this platform you can also test it out by using its 30-day free trial service without the requirement of any credit card. Adding on to the advantages, autopilot has a super-responsive support team that is always ready to answer your questions and the response time is incredible. The team is very friendly and they try out their best to help you out in solving your problems and queries.

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