Best HappyCo Alternatives like OnSite HQ, Ticked Off with Price & Features

For multifamily property owners and supervisors who want to know more exact valuations, better returns, and higher property estimations, HappyCo is a real-time tasks management platform that empowers more intelligent choices in all cases.

From due perseverance to make ready, work orders the executives to be available for potential emergencies planning, reviews to top to bottom reporting, HappyCo upgrades how your key business processes are refined, further developing resource conditions and execution, just as charming inhabitants.

The solutions incorporate the Happy Property Suite to address functional issues, just as the Happy Due Diligence Suite for property procurement teams.

Additional items are also accessible, including Live Inspections, a distant investigation solution, and call complete, a completely coordinated multifamily replying mail that automatically makes work orders from missed emergency support calls.

The platform comes completely equipped with the significant property management systems including Entrata, MRI, RealPage, Rent Manager, Resman, and Yardi.

But again, a lot of you might be looking for some HappyCo alternatives so that you can spend your money wisely and make sure that the work is carried on in the most effective manner.

Therefore, to help you out with that, we have bought you some of the best alternatives for HappyCo.


Best HappyCo Alternatives

OnSite HQ:

On location, HQ provides digital investigation agendas to property managers, building engineers, and property evaluators. 

At Onsite HQ, they take into account the shortcomings when using paper checklists for building assessments.

With Onsite HQ, they permit users to perform investigations using a digital checklist that consequently adjusts data in real time, gives agendas custom-made to the company’s needs, works from anyplace through offline disconnected features, and takes into account user to management correspondence.


Pricing: 20 Dollars per Month


Q Ware CMMS:

Q Ware CMMS showcases a new sort of software experience that aims at further developing your maintenance activity while remaining consistent with your novel approach to getting things done. 

They support your objective to keep up with greatness and they are present to assist you with making a responsive upkeep activity that works for your group.

Beginning at just $100/month, Q Ware gives 5 free user accounts, limitless requester accounts, and huge loads of other free features. Connect today to set up a demo and a free trial.


Pricing: 100 Dollars per Month


Ticked Off:

Ticked Off is a repair and maintenance solution for your business to manage all help administrations services, project workers, customized maintenance, fixes and safety -in one easy to use software on whatever gadget you use.

Save your business’ time and cash today with everything from customisable features, site limits, live work tracking and scheduled safety maintenance. Settle on sure and informed choices with unrivaled reporting, so you can run your business properly.


Pricing: 7 Dollars per Feature, per Month.


Yardi Breeze:

Yardi Breeze is property management software intended for increasing productivity.  Their refreshingly simple platform incorporates worked in accounting, web-based advertising and renting, coordinated screening and protection, and online entries for simple lease assortment, administration solicitations, installments and owner reporting. 

It is not difficult to set up, and pricing begins at just $1 per unit each month for private properties.  On the off chance that your business requires extra features and controls, get some information about Yardi Breeze Premier.


Pricing: 100 Dollars per Month.



Striven is a strong, secure, and growth-boosting accounting software.  At the point when your present solution cannot manage your data, cannot coordinate well, and has inadmissible client assistance, Striven is just the thing for you. 

Striven gives full cloud-based financial management that interfaces locally to each and every part of your organization. Entries permit you to interface with clients and sellers for advantageous and speedy transactions. 


Pricing: 10 Dollars per Month



FinishLine Software is a Building Life-Cycle Platform that helps in improving the investigations, punch records, appointing, warranty and facilities maintenance. 

A simple to use and work platform for Owners, GCs, Developers, Architects, Building Managers, Apartments, Condos, Hotels and Resorts.  It right away offers data/reports with subcontractors or others by means of email. 

It also helps in setting aside time and cash by acquiring bits of knowledge into project data and patterns. FinishLine is used on little undertakings to the biggest tasks on the planet.


Pricing: 40 Dollars per Month



Jobber keeps your field administration tasks on target and your clients informed.  Plan jobs and tasks all the more effectively, streamline courses, and send statements and orders by message. 

Give your group the work details they need, see where they are, and find advised when a line of work is finished. 

Send auto instalment updates and take instalments in a flash face to face, online inside 24 hours, or always with Jobber.  With a mobile application, free training, and basic plan, Jobber assists you with saving time while conveying 5-star services.


Pricing: 35 Dollars per Month



mHelpDesk is the simplest and most impressive software solution for your field service business, automatising everything from initial client contact the whole way to getting compensated. 

They give their clients mobile and online tools that are unrivaled in execution, unwavering quality, and functionality. 


They have pressed the best tools into one amazingly simple to-use and reasonable pack that requires no enormous forthright speculation.


Pricing: 169 Dollars per Month



HappyTenant is a high-ned property management solution with a strong online interface and 4 separate mobile applications for every partner, making a seamless digital venture, carrying transparency and effectiveness to the property management experience.


Pricing: 100 Dollars per Month.


iSite Enterprise:

iSite’s Property Management solution brings all property data into a single spot, so there is one variant of the reality of the situation that is not difficult to get to.

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The Property Record shows all data, data, tasks, movement and reports related with the property, so you have full information and control.

Cloud-based or an on-premise solution, iSite is a proper solution that can be custom fitted to match your requirements.


Pricing: NA


Facility Management Accelerator:

Incline toward the Domain 6 for business-wide office management, Microsoft Dynamics 365.  The Domain 6 Facility Management Accelerator can assist you with getting going in record time, and convey quantifiable ROI. 

They outfit you with work orders and labor force management, resource tracking and gear planning, IoT and savvy building reconciliations, related field services, call focus system mixes, client assistance portals, safeguard maintenance plans, and then some.


Pricing: NA


Common Areas:

Speed up your business activities and access undiscovered potential by smoothing out manual tasks.

Engage your activities by joining your kin, properties and cycles in Common Areas collaboration tool and configurable solutions.

With Common Areas cloud-based platform, solutions are custom-made to smooth out functional areas, for example, work orders, safety maintenance, inspection, intuitive arrangement management, contract following, digital COI following, report management and some more.


Pricing: 5 Pounds per Month



iAuditor is used to conduct over two million assessments each month across all ventures for security, quality control, and activities.

It is utilised by around 25,000 organisations worldwide to finish more than 600M checks each year to further develop security and quality in their working environments.

All of the investigation data is caught in real-time letting you to immediately recognize missed reviews and failed things and quickly alleviate chances.


Pricing: NA



Upkeep is an Asset Operations Management solution that assists companies with scaling by giving each maintenance and reliability team the tools and data they need to run operations proficiently and adequately.

UpKeep provides you a command centre to effectively manage all your work requests, resources, and maintenance to convey quick goals.

UpKeep empowers you to make one entryway for every one of your experts to go through for all administrations and backing.

Pricing: 45 Dollars per Month



BigChange is a Job Management Platform that is worked to assist each field with adjusting business’ growth.

Coordinating client relationship management (CRM), work planning, live updates, field asset management, financial management and business insight into one easy to use and simple to incorporate, cloud-based platform that any business with field laborers can flourish from.


Pricing: 59.95 Pounds per Month



Urbest improves on group correspondence, task following, rating and installment for office management and task works.The point of interaction is intutive which diminishes the time spent to locally available new users. 

Urbest can acclimate to a form or company. Decide to work in independent with Urbest or link it with your ERP or Asset Management system.

Lastly, after a couple of months, you gain an insight to the analytics of behaviors with remedial actions that can be taken.


Pricing: 600 Dollars per Year



Blitzz gives users a user-friendly solution for far off video assessments and client care over live video without an application download.  Client care specialists can remotely see a client’s tools and use Blitzz to analyze and tackle the issue from a distance. 

Use the advanced features like markup pictures to work together on solutions and get tips concerning where they could stall out while doing fixes. 

Blitzz is well-coordinated with CRMs and ITSMs like Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.


Pricing: NA


Daxium-Air: Daxium-Air is a no-code web-mobile solution that coordinates functional trades with field groups on a single platform and permits managers to settle on quick and recorded choices securely. 


This super adaptable platforms additionally permits clients to make their own applications to cover the different specific necessities of their services


Pricing: NA


Gruntify: Field service management should not be solely restricted to paperwork. 


Gruntify simplifies it to gather field data, manage resources, digitalise work task, manage groups and mechanize business processes, all from a single platform. 


With strong measurements, announcing abilities and area insight you can find drifts and find solutions quickly. Speed up the mechanization of your mobile labor force with Gruntify.


Pricing: 29 Dollars per Month


ReachOut Suite: ReachOut’s strong web backend and mobile applications enable organizations to manage their whole range of field tasks in a single place. 


The unrivaled client assistance and instinctive connection point assist clients with getting everything rolling quickly, and the cloud-based technology guarantees data security. 


Idaho Backflow saved 2 hours per day with ReachOut’s computerized forms; its solid designing presently offers start to finish perceivability into their experts’ schedules! 


ReachOut is completely coordinated with Quickbooks and Xero.


Pricing: 12 Dollars per Month


GoCanvas: WorkFlow is a great feature that permits a company to move wasteful cycles over to mobile devices. 


Consider this feature as giving a piece of paper off to another person in your company. 


A user can begin finishing up a GoCanvas application and afterward give it to a partner who either needs to review the data as well as finish up one more segment of the application. 


Permitting the data cycles to just flow inside the organisation.


Pricing: 45 Dollars per Month


Well, these were a couple of the best alternatives for HappyCo but the list could go on and on. But, we hope this helps you in picking the best one for you. 


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