Best Glean Alternatives like RafflePress, WPForms with price, features & More

Is it true or it is not that you are on a hunt for the best free Gleam choices for running an internet-based contest?

Making and running a giveaway is perhaps the simplest way to build your supporter’s social media followers and lift your online business development. 

Besides, there are many free giveaway tools to assist you with making progress.

The odds are good that you have known about Gleam, a famous internet-based contest tool, yet it is not by any means the only such tool on the market. 

That is the reason in this article, and we will share with you the best Gleam free options for making WordPress contests to supercharge your marketing techniques.

Best Glean Alternatives like RafflePress, WPForms with price

Best Gleam Free Alternatives for WordPress

Assuming you are searching for the top free Gleam options for WordPress contests, you are at the right place. 

The following tools are some must-have giveaway tools with a free version or a free trial to give you an advantage.

That being said, to make a good free internet based giveaway, take a good look at these Gleam alternatives:

1. RafflePress: Best Free Gleam Alternative

RafflePress is the best free WordPress giveaway module on the market. 

It makes it simple for you to begin making and dealing with a contest within WordPress in only a couple of moments.

In addition to the fact that it is an excellent free Gleam alternative, it likewise offers huge loads of features that you can use to drive your business development without spending a thing.

Features of RafflePress:

Simple drag and drop giveaway builder to make fruitful giveaways in a couple of minutes.

Free giveaway format to get up and running rapidly with custom designs.

A user-friendly giveaway rules generator tool helps in making the rules and guidelines.

It helps in preventing spam or fraud entries.

It helps in improving your site’s ranking and also the conversion rates.

Auto contest start and end times.

One hundred percent mobile receptive to adjust to all screen sizes.

The free WordPress module makes it simple to run contests easily in WordPress.

As may be obvious, RafflePress is very much like Gleam, and without spending any money, RafflePress has all that you want to make and send off your giveaway in WordPress in a matter of seconds by any means.

Be that as it may, when you upgrade to the pro VERSION, you can make the most out of every one of the high-level features.

Pricing of the RafflePress:

RafflePress has a completely functional free form with all that you want to start. 

Then, at that point, you can upgrade to the pro version, and it begins at $39.20/year.

2. WPForms

Assuming you are searching for some other alternative to Gleam, take a good look at WPForms. 

WPForms is the best contact structure module for WordPress and comes loaded with interminable new age features.

WPForms dominates as a strong Gleam contender with the quick contest passage structure format. 

This helps you make a speedy web-based contest for only a couple of minutes.

Features of the WPForms:

Use the simple contest entry form to support guest commitment and brand mindfulness.

Effectively alter your contest entry form with the intuitive form developer.

The contest structure layout incorporates a passage rules segment to keep your giveaway complaint.

Gather section info, for example, names, email addresses, phone numbers to add to your email marketing service, CRM, or WordPress data set.

Pricing of the WPForms:

WPForms has a free version that you can use to see how things work. 

In any case, to make the most out of the contest entry form layouts, you will have to upgrade to pro, beginning at $199.50/year.

3. Wishpond:

Wishpond is not merely a famous giveaway platform for small-sized businesses; it is likewise a functional marketing platform that can deal with different marketing needs.

Wishpond may be too huge for certain businesses to even think about using as a free Gleam alternative.

However, it is worth looking for on the off chance that your business needs this sort of high-end arrangement, coupled with a wide scope of marketing tools.

Features of the Wishpond:

Current and direct connection point for making giveaways and social media posts.

Incorporates with over 300+ email marketing platforms, installment processors, CRMs, and that’s just the beginning.

Incorporates different social media platforms, for example, photograph caption contests, Instagram hashtag contests, video contests, and so on.

Pricing of the Wishpond:

The pricing for Wishpond begins at $49 each month charged every year; in any case, you can make a free web-based giveaway during the 14-day free trial.

4. Woorise

Woorise is a well known internet-based giveaway tool that permits you to make free web-based contests. 

It comes with a few elements for its free version, for example, pre-made formats, 1-click giveaway victor determination, CSV information exchange, extortion identification, and then some.

All things considered, you can get to the further advanced elements by upgrading to one of the paid plans.

Features of the Woorise:

Responsive giveaway layouts.

Intuitive contest generators are not difficult to use.

Track your contest information with examination reports.

Make tests, surveys, and reviews.

Social sharing giveaway activity buttons for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

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Email marketing tools.

Great email and chat support.

Pricing of the Woorise:

As referenced above, Woorise has a free arrangement. However, to get to the best features, including integrations and email marketing, pricing begins at $49 each month per site.

5. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a well-known social media management platform offering a proper CRM, Facebook applications, and an analytic suite. 

The reason for its listing on this rundown is its Facebook contest feature, which is altogether free to use.

AgoraPulse calls this feature a Facebook Timeline Contest or a Facebook Timeline App. With the application, you can get to the following features.

Features of the AgoraPulse:

Make a few kinds of contests, including photograph contests and tests.

Channel your contest by likes, comments, or shares.

Sweepstakes for users who like and additionally comment on a post.

Arbitrarily pick a giveaway winner.

Pricing of the AgoraPulse:

The AgoraPulse Facebook Timeline Contest application is free. The Pro version’s pricing begins at $79 each month, charged yearly.

6. EasyPromos

Easypromos is a proper, dedicated platform that assists you with overseeing advanced and social promotions across different social media platforms. 

It incorporates various distinctive internet based contest types, including direct giveaways, tests, games, coupons, and that’s just the beginning.

Since it is not difficult to use and offers different elements, it is an incredible alternative to Gleam.

Features of the EasyPromos:

Elite giveaway contests for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Permits the use of overviews and reveiws to make engaging giveaways.

Portable responsive tools and plan.

Consolidate applications to make tailor-made campaigns.

Versatile and 100 percent responsive.

Pricing of the EasyPromos:

The pricing for Easypromos begins at $29 per month (charged yearly). You can make one free internet-based giveaway.

7. ShortStack

ShortStack is one more well known Gleam alternative on this rundown. 

It is an across the board contesting platform that makes making a web-based giveaway in minutes.

This advanced marketing platform is incredible for drawing in your crowd, lead generation, and marketing automatisation without stressing over coding.

Features of the ShortStack:

Make limitless giveaway campaigns and messages.

Run photograph contests, sweepstakes, paper contests, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Naturally select a giveaway victor.

Make giveaway landing pages.

Browse an assortment of pre-made giveaway topics.

Contest plan customization options.

Pricing of the ShortStack:

You can try ShortStack for free of charge, restricted to 20 sections and 100 views each 30 Days.

In any case, to get to high-end features and more sections, the pricing begins at $99 each month.

8. KingSumo

KingSumo is a free Gleam alternative for WordPress site owners. 

Made by the team behind AppSumo, this giveaway site, similar to Gleam, was at first produced for inner use. 

In any case, subsequent to seeing a positive outcome with the application, they launched it for everybody.

Features of KingSumo:

Make limitless giveaways in minutes

Email and social media marketing tools

Facebook pixel following

Custom giveaway marking

Client service

Pricing of the KingSumo:

The pricing for the KingSumo web application is free. To make the most out of the Facebook pixel following and custom marking, it costs $19 each month, charged every year.

KingSumo likewise offers a WordPress module that costs $198.

9. WooBox

Woobox is a 100 percent free WordPress contest module that makes for a great Gleam alternative. 

It is an incredible tool for running giveaways on various social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

What’s more with the simplified contest developer, you can get set up in minutes.

Features of the WooBox:

Incorporate with more than 500 tools, for example, MailChimp and so on

Collects likes, comments, hashtags, and more on social media.

Add your contest anyplace in WordPress with insert codes.

Browse a few adaptable giveaway layouts.

Drive more traffic and passages with dedicated points of arrival.

Effectively pick winners with the winner picker tool.

Pricing of the WooBox:

Woobox is a free WordPress plugin for up to 100 members each month. For additional features, the pricing begins at $37 each month.

10. RaffleCopter

Rafflecopter is a great giveaway web application that makes running internet based contests on any site simple. 

It comes with a few free options, including Facebook, Twitter, form section options, and a blaze giveaway Facebook application, making it a great Gleam alternative.

A large number of the high level features needed to run a fruitful contest are available in the paid form; notwithstanding, this is a decent decision on the off chance that you want a simple web-based contest solution.

Features of the RaffleCopter:

Limitless giveaways and platforms

Different social media platform options

Email marketing reconciliations (paid solutions)

Viral reference options (paid arrangement)

Rules and Regulations format

Pricing of the RaffleCopter:

Rafflecopter is a free Gleam alternative. 

For viral allude a-companion sections, email mixes, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, the paid plans start at $43 each month.

And with that being said, we have now come to an end to our article on the best Gleam alternative, and we hope you found the best one for you as per your preferences.

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