Best 5 Custom Rom’s for Android of all time.

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In recent times, a revolution has been brought about. A digital revolution, completely irrelevant from any physical aspects, being realized by the widespread domain of Android. This magnificent operating system is the most widely used one in all applications, powering hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world.

The open source availability of this OS and its huge reach enable constant improvements and enhancements to it. This is the reason behind the availability of custom android ROMs. Even with constant updates being rolled out every now and then, not every Android smartphone gets updated to latest versions of the OS and that’s where Custom ROMs come to the rescue. Also, not everyone likes the stock manufacturer skins/themes that they are ‘stuck’ with on their smartphones.

If you want the flexibility to modify your Android from the core level, a custom ROM is just what the doctor ordered. Let’s have a look at what these ROMs have to offer.

#4      AOSP

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  • AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project. It refers to Google’s Android led OS project.
  • These are custom ROMs that are built on top of the original Android ROM source code.
  • These ROMs, as they are open source, have loads of display tweaks options without any pre-installed useless apps on-board.
  • There may be many AOSP ROMs available for your smartphone, but the features available in them may vary widely, depending upon the developer of that ROM.
  • These as such lack features and tweak provisions in their settings and are not very elegant in terms of performance tuning, but are vivid in visuals.


#3      Ressurection Remix

  • This ROM is one of the most stable ones available out there.
  • Everything can be customised ranging from lockscreen shortcut icons, dropdown navigation bar buttons right up to the element animations.
  • A separate section in the settings menu has been introduced for ‘PitchBlack© Themes’ that are beautiful, fluid, dark themes.
  • This ROM if bundled with a custom kernel, can do wonders for your daily smartphone usage experience.

#2      BlissPop

  • This ROM is developed by The Bliss Team, and even though not as popular as the other ones listed here, has its own unique features that set it apart.
  • The customizations available in this ROM can be done smoothly through the settings without using any 3rd-party or embedded apps.
  • All elements i.e. icons, display ambience, status bar, can be modified through ‘Bliss Interface’ sections included in the settings for one stop solution of all needs.
  • There are several other features like changing battery icon styles, navigation rings and animations, left-handed mode, LiveDisplay
  • All in all it is a good ROM but the heavy customizations can make it run choppy or even result in freezes if your hardware cannot handle it efficiently.

#1      CyanogenMod – Now LineageOS

  • This is the ultimate ROM that any smartphone can get.
  • Its popularity is evident from the fact that now CYANOGEN OS is a full-fledged company that makes Cyanogen ROMs for various phone manufacturers.
  • It packs a plethora of inbuilt features such as a Theme Engine for all your customization needs, custom gestures, Cyan Apps, to name a few.
  • Enhanced security and speed, usability and stability options and an ever bustling online community make this ROM an essential superhero in the world of custom ROMs.


These were only a few of the majority of custom ROMs available on the Internet for all smartphones but these can be called the best out of them. These ROMs pack in lots of features and are stable, which is pretty important.


Some quick web research on how to get these ROMs on your smartphone will surely forever change your Android experience.

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