Microsoft To Ban ‘Offensive Language’ From Skype

Microsoft Service Agreement

Recently, Microsoft service agreement was updated this update is applicable to all of the Microsoft services. Some of the services like Skype, OneDrive, Xbox live, etc. It is prohibited to use offensive words and also offensive language on all Microsoft services. This updated Microsoft service agreement now highlight Microsoft’s right which is to review user … Read more

How to Stop Facebook Giving Your Data to Third Parties


Recently a small incident happened and people started to protest on Facebook. But the Cambridge Analytica Fiasco was not really a data breach as per Facebook. Every piece of information which was collect comes under the terms and conditions of Facebook. How can people protest if it was given in terms and conditions page? The … Read more

Instagram prioritizes newer posts after user complaints

Instagram became the fasting growing platform for social influencers and other people. Now Instagram has started to fulfill the need of its users and is listening to them. Due to that once again the highest priority is given to the newer posts. But Instagram’s feed changes now to newer posts every time. In 2016 Instagram had … Read more

Mi A2 is coming to beat the Redmi Note 5 Pro!

xiaomi mi a2

First things first, both Mi A2 and Redmi Note 5 Pro are from Xiaomi. Its brand value is good in the Indian market. Xiaomi offers high specification mobiles to users at comparatively lower prices than competitors. General specifications of both the mobiles can be observed as follows. Specifications of Mi A2: Display: 5.7 inch Chipset: … Read more