Latest WhatsApp beta update now allows group video call for upto 8 users

WhatsApp has now increased the limit for the number of participants in a video call to 8 users at a time. The feature, which previously allowed only 4 people to participate in a video call at a time, was said to be under development. However, the latest Android and iOS beta versions of WhatsApp feature … Read more

Newly Leaked Images reveal an iPhone running on Windows 10 Mobile

Seeing an iPhone running on Windows Mobile is a complete bewilderment, as anyone could say, who knows about Apple. However, we still have seen one now, in a newly leaked set of images. Doing rounds on the internet, these pictures show an alleged iPhone 6S Plus, with Windows 10 tiles on its display. For a … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X : The Verdict

Are you planning on buying a new phone and just happen to have a conflict between Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X,  then this article will definitely be useful for you. In this article, we shall put some light on both the devices and their features so you can make a wise decision. Till date, … Read more

How to use Apple Music on Xbox One using “AirServer” with any Apple device

Currently Microsoft’s Xbox One has occupied an impressive collection of music services. It includes Spotify, Soundcloud and Pandora with their respective apps for the console. Irrespective of that, Apple Music is one of the most liked streaming service which is yet to come for gaming consoles. It doesn’t seems like this support will be available … Read more

Apple Cuts Down iPhone X Production: Samsung Burdened

With the launch of Apple’s iPhone X last year in 2017, the world’s leading South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung had undertaken the responsibility of manufacturing the newest organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels for the iPhones. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, Apple Inc. has slashed the manufacturing from around 50 million to an approx … Read more

Support for IFTTT and more smart home providers added to Cortana

We all know that Cortana have less skills then other Personal Digital Assistants such as Alexa. But now it is becoming much better. Microsoft recently announced that Cortana is getting several new home automation skills. This will help it to interact with smart home devices more efficiently. Adding to it, Cortana will also have support … Read more

And now, Apple Airpods are exploding!

Recently we have encountered a no. of incidents in which mobile phones were exploding. Now, it is turn of Apple’s Airpods. Apple is the latest victim of exploding accessories. A Florida based man experienced his Airpods explode. This incident took place when he was working out at gym. He noticed smoke coming from the Airpods. … Read more

“2018 iPhones to use Intel Baseband chips exclusively instead of Qualcomm”: KGI

iPhone in 2018

Since iPhone 7 has released, Apple has shared their baseband chips between Qualcomm and Intel. According to reports from KGI, Apple is all set to rely on Intel as the exclusive supplier for them. As Apple is currently in legal battles with Qualcomm, they are ready with another baseband chips supplier. Intel’s technology not only … Read more

Now Facebook might let you share your Instagram stories to WhatsApp


Recently Facebook allowed its users to share their Facebook Stories to Instagram, now it might let WhatsApp do the same thing. According to reports, Facebook is testing a feature which lets users share their posts from Instagram Stories to WhatsApp. Some sighting of this feature were found in Brazil. WhatsApp Status (Stories) were introduced on the … Read more

Following Microsoft, Apple Plans on Designing One-User-Experience

According to the recent news, Microsoft has introduced the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) with Windows 10. This will provide a common app platform for various devices that run Windows 10. The UWP offers a vast field for the developers. A guaranteed core API across devices that allows developers to create a single app package that … Read more

Chinese Company sued Apple for App Store Logo Copyright

Controversies and allegations never left their back when it is ‘Apple’ we are talking about. According to a recent news, Apple and Qualcomm – these two tech giants are accusing each other over several patent infringements. In the past, Apple was also involved in several patent-related cases. There was also a gigantic EUR 13 billion … Read more

How the Android Gadgets are more popular than iOS?

Technological advancements that took place in the modern era have influenced almost all the walks of our society and our personal life as well. We can observe the wave of technological growth in all fields. One of the most common fields that were heavily influenced by technological development is communication. Progress in technology gave birth … Read more

Here’s how Microsoft Surface Book 2 compares against Macbook Pro

Microsoft announced the new Surface Book 2 which is the successor of Surface Book launched back in 2015. It was rather not a surprise as Intel recently accidentally leaked Surface Book in their video. The new device is a lot faster and better than the old one. Also, the company is bringing both 13″ and 15″ version of the device so you can choose the one that suits you.

We have decided to put up the new Surface book 2 against the Apple MacBook Pro 2017 edition to see which one is better in terms of hardware. Microsoft did quote the fact that Surface Book 2 twice the power than Apple MacBook Pro but let’s compare both of them to see which one is better. For the comparison, we have taken the base version of both Apple MacBook Pro and Surface Book 2. And as a bonus, we are also comparing the Surface Book 2 to HP Spectre x360 and Dell XPS 13. Before going forward, let’s give a glance to the specs sheet of Surface Book 2.

Surface Book 2 Specs

[table id=4 /]

Now since we have seen the specs of Surface Book 2, let’s head below to compare them with the other devices as well and see which one stands out.

Comparison between Surface Book 2, Apple MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre x360

Head below to check out the full specs comparison between the devices.

[table id=3 /]

As you can see from the comparison, all the devices are really good and have almost the same specs. The one thing that separates them is your preferences based work you need them for. While Surface Book 2 is a complete package for both work and gaming, Dell XPS 13 is best for those who want a light weight laptop for businesses. And the design of course. Apple on the other hand is good for people working with design and editing as MacOS has plenty of softwares which lets you design and edit on the go.

Finally the choice is yours. Do let us know your preferences in the comments section below.

Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Skype


Back in Build 2016, Microsoft announced that Cortana would be coming to Skype Chats. It looks like the day has finally arrived and Microsoft is ready to roll-out Cortana in Skype for mobile. It will work something like Google Assistance on Allo popping up suggestions when needed, and available as a conversational partner. All the … Read more

[Update: it’s full]Microsoft Edge Beta now available for everyone on iOS

Microsoft Edge

Update: Joe Belfiore just announced on Twitter that Microsoft Edge Beta sign-up for iOS is full now. They have reached the limit of 10k users which means no one can sign up now for iOS Beta. SORRY FOLKS! by 4am this morning, the #Edge iOS sign-ups exceeded Apple's limit of 10k beta users. We're closed … Read more

Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS devices announced!

As we reported earlier, Microsoft has been planning to launch Edge Insider program sometime in October and today finally the company announced that Microsoft Edge is coming to Android and iOS devices as a part of Edge Insider Program. As Microsoft’s today’s announcement, Microsoft Edge for iOS is available as a preview and can be downloaded … Read more

Everything important talked about at the Apple Event : Watch, TV and the iPhone trio!

Apple took the stage at the #AppleEvent at Steve Jobs theatre at San Jose, California to showcase some of its newest work . They talked about the latest products in Apple Watch, Apple TV and the iPhone categories where the next and more powerful iterations of the products were introduced. Apple Watch 3 The Apple … Read more

Apple September Event Roundup: Here’s everything Apple might announce on September 12

Apple September Event

As we are coming closer and closer to September, the number of leaks relating to Apple is growing. The company is scheduled to announce the latest line of devices and software upgrades in September. The company hasn’t made any official announcement but they tend to hold events in the first or second week of September. … Read more

Instagram announces Threaded Comments!

The Instagram Team at Facebook today announced another feature coming to Instagram for iOS, Android and Windows 10 . They say that hitting the reply button on the comment thread will group the reply with the comment itself . For this feature to appear, you need your app to be upgraded to Version 24 for … Read more

PhotoFast Call Recorder will let you record calls easily on iPhones

PhotoFast Call Recorder

Recording calls can be a real pain if you’re using iPhones as iOS doesn’t allow apps to directly record calls and you have to pay for apps that support call recording via custom dialers. But a company is dedicated to solving this issue. Meet PhotoFast Call Recorder, a device that connects to your iPhone through the … Read more

WhatsApp rolls out in-app YouTube playback for iOS in the latest Beta


WhatsApp is now testing a new feature for iOS devices which will let you view YouTube in-app or you can have the video running from YouTube while you’re using WhatsApp. A hidden feature in version 2.17.40 of the app, uncovered by WABetaInfo, allows users to launch playback of links to YouTube video sent in messages in a … Read more

Microsoft Teams app for iOS updated with new features

Microsoft Teams

Today, Microsoft released a new update for its Team app for devices running on iOS. The new update comes with some new features and fixes to improve the user experience. Microsoft Teams is a chat-centered workspace in Office 365. Users can easily access all their team’s data/content in a single place where messages, files, tools … Read more

WhatsApp for iOS updated with many new features, may soon be coming to other platforms as well!

Though WhatsApp and Messenger both are own by a same parent company, Facebook the company never compromises pushing more and more new features to the apps regularly. Today, WhatsApp for iOS was update with 3 new main features : Album Creation Now, the user can send four or more photos at the same time and the app … Read more

Apple’s ‘Files’ app for iOS leaks online ahead of WWDC

WWDC 2017

Apple is hosting their World Wide Developer Conference today in California and the company made a slight mistake.  As spotted by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, the iOS App Store currently has a placeholder listing for an Apple-developed app called Files. The listing doesn’t have many details, but the app apparently requires the as-yet unannounced iOS 11 … Read more

Subway Surfers goes to Peru in the latest update

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has pushed out a new update which takes players to the colourful city of Peru. The latest update bumps the game to version and you can head below to check out the full changelog of the update: Join the Subway Surfers World Tour in South America Explore the beautiful mountains and colourful markets … Read more

Hands on with upcoming Skype experience


Earlier this week, we reported that Microsoft is bringing some big changes to the Skype app and the upcoming update will come will new features. Finally, today we got our hands-on with the upcoming update and we checked out the new features showcased by Microsoft. Head down to have a look at the upcoming Skype … Read more